Rev Kris Seastedt Richard

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Rev. Kris Richard

Kris is a Registered Medium in Lily Dale NY. Kris was born and raised in Jamestown, New York. Jamestown sits just 20 minutes South East of Lily Dale, New York, the largest Spiritualist Community in The United States. Other family members had gone, and it wasn’t until Kris was 17 that she had her first experience in Lily Dale with a personal Spiritual Reading. She found the experience absolutely amazing, and it was the beginning of this journey for Kris.

Years followed of many readings and wonderful experiences. Finding herself drawn more and more to Lily Dale. One day, a Medium told Kris she was a natural healer. Kris took this to heart, and took a Therapeutic Touch course offered at Lily Dale. This also led to regularly attending the Wednesday Night Healing Service that is offered all year round in Lily Dale.

One night at the healing service, Kris was sitting on the healing bench, receiving a healing from one of her favorite healers, when something popped! That is the only way to describe it. At that moment, Kris knew she was ready. For what, she wasn’t sure, but she knew she was ready. Picking up a brochure in the back of the Healing Temple, and found a Spiritual Insight Training Class that was being offered in Lily Dale. She signed right up! The Class was for a weekend, and then was followed by another weekend (part 2). After this, there was no turning back. A call had been put out, and Kris was answering it!

2 years of school followed, and Kris became a Certified Meta-physician (Medium), and a Spiritualist Minister. Since then, Kris has been busy fulfilling this call to duty she received that Wednesday Night in Lily Dale. She has facilitated at Church Services, done numerous readings and healing in person, on the phone, at parties, etc.

Kris has also been conducting classes in meditation, astrology, and healing. A spiritual reading is an experience that can bring peace, relief, comfort and information. Kris starts with a prayer, and asks for information that will be filled with Love, Compassion and Healing. Spirit contact is often made, reuniting you with a loved one that has passed. You can ask a question, or ask for a specific loved one to come through. The important thing is to trust Spirit that the information received is what you need to help you move forward, through a difficult time, or for your highest and best!