Debbie Jones & Sheila Buchanan

Debbie Jones & Sheila Buchanan
Debbie Jones & Sheila Buchanan

Sheila Buchanan and Debbie Jones, co-owners of the ‘THE IDEAL METHOD‘ offer a unique approach to healing and wellness for you and/or your pet. Their healing sessions utilize Reiki energy guided by intuitive messages from spirit to provide a gentle, yet powerfully effective ideal approach to healing. Find out more about Sheila, Debbie and the Ideal Method on their website.

Lecture Title
Making Better Decisions Using Your Intuition

Lecture Description
Have you ever heard that little voice in your head that gave you insight into events that were about to take place? How about the voice that may have told you to ‘Take the long route home’ (where you avoided an accident or heavy traffic) or to ‘Check for your keys before you close the door’ (when you didn’t listen and got locked out of your car)? How often do you listen to that voice? Have you ever wanted to kick yourself for hearing it and ignoring it before something undesirable happened? Do you know that you can tune into that little voice whenever you need help making a decision (no matter how big or small)? Debbie Jones and Sheila Buchanan have made a career out of expertly utilizing their intuition to improve their lives and those of family, friends and clients. They will show you how you can make intuition an effortless part of your everyday life, too. Techniques are simple, fun, quick and require no prior experience. Everyone can do it!


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