Dr. Jane Kukula

Dr. Jane Kukula

Dr. Jane is an Audiologist, Intuitive, Energy Practitioner, and Teacher. Her interest in energy healing grew out of her own path to wellness. While an accomplished audiologist, she has sought training in several energy healing techniques, including Usui and Practical Reiki (Master), Signature Cell Healing, and Spiritual Insight Training at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY. In the summer she works in the healing Temple in Lily Dale. She is the co-founder of Nature Oracle. As an Intuitive, she allows insight and inner guidance to lead her.

Lecture Title
Conklin Method of Cellular Cleansing

Lecture Description
You are what you say, think and feel. As a result, negative thoughts, words and feelings build up in your tissues and lead to disease. A Conklin Method Cellular Cleanse (CMCC) neutralizes traumatic memories, thoughts, words and feelings that have been stored in your body without erasing your memories of events. This remarkable process has resulted in significant health gains. During this class you will learn:
— How your thoughts, words, and feelings can cause disease
— The Conklin Method Cellular Cleanse process and what you will experience
— How to maintain your health benefits following your Cellular Cleanse
Dr. Jane Marie Kukula, AuD., is a Certified Practitioner of the Conklin Method Cellular Cleanse, trained by Patti Conklin.