Linda Street

Linda Street
Linda Street

Linda accesses the frequencies of the “Rays of Light” for the purpose of spiritual teaching, general cleansing, healing, balancing, the re-alignment of chakras, intuitive guidance, and information. Linda is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Energy Channel, Energy Coach, and author and was member of the International Coach Federation, Cleveland Chapter, for 3 years.
Linda has successfully integrated her background in Mental Health and working for a large corporation in Human Resources with the teachings of the “Rays of Light” and the use of positive affirmations to promote positive results and healing. Linda has authored and published a book titled “Rays of Light” – Listen to the Dark. She lectures and teaches about the “Rays of Light’ and how frequencies and energies can be accessed and used by everyone. The book includes detailed teachings of the “Rays of Light”, meditations, information on how to better hear your guidance, and step by step sessions for a “Healing and Chakra Balancing Session” that are being used by Linda.



Meditation…what is it really?

Lecture Description
Participate in a discussion where information is shared about meditation and what it truly means to meditate. You may be surprised. Or you may choose to just listen, relax, and experience. We have heard this word “meditation” for many years. What is the definition and what does it truly mean? Experience a simple meditation while you enjoy the benefits, the peace and calm, tranquility, serenity, vibration of love, inspiration, and guidance. You decide!

The frequencies of the “Rays of Light” and the beautiful energies of the Angels will be shared as the beings of Nature assisting each person in “lightening up” during this presentation. Nature Sticks will be used by each participant in a short meditation to assist and support your growth, as you “let go” and release the old, always with the vibration of love. This will allow room for new and uplifting emotions.

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