Rian Dean


Rian Dean

Rian consciously began his Spiritual Path sometime around 1996 or 1997. He was initially attracted to Shamanism in its various forms and spent a few years learning all that he could and experiencing the new path he found himself on. During this time he also found and felt a great kinship with the Norse Runes, specifically that period known as the Elder Futhark. It is his desire that all he has learned and experienced will allow others to find a piece of their Truth.

Rian developed life path readings which offer a unique form of guidance by tapping into your soul’s purpose and seeing what obstacles or other things may be influencing your ability to walk the path you destined yourself to walk.

Lecture Title

The Path of the Souls – A Runic Guide

Lecture Description

Rian will be discussing the Path of the Soul and the manner in which we are able to determine why we came to this Life and what, as the Soul, we intended to experience. We will look at the Viking Runes and their Destiny profile. The Destiny Profile is a specific reading performed with the Viking Runes that answers 6 questions

What is my Nature?

Why was I Born?

What is my Vocation?

What is my Destiny?

What is my Burden?

What is my Unified Self?

The Path of the Soul is always the path of least resistance. Find out what that means on how you may know for sure, the reason you are here.

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