Hypnosis a Holistic Approach ~ Paul DiFranco

Leading Idea… A brief presentation and Q & A on what hypnosis is and how it works. We will conclude with a short weight release routine. ““““` I think weight would have the widest appeal. Other topics might be stress reduction, confidence, memory, procrastination, abundance, inner peace, creativity, motivation, sleep, worrying, success, and many more. I have other options. I can give hypnosis demo. It is very different than the one Jerry does. I can also do a very brief DIY self-hypnosis how to. If you do not want two Hypno talks because Jerry is doing one… I can switch over to a Mindfulness Meditation talk and demo or a guided meditation on some topic. If there is space and demand for it I can give a paid for a workshop on either topic something about 2 hrs. long. This may draw people away from your vendors though.

About the Presentor

Paul DiFranco offers hypnotherapy and instructs mindfulness meditation. He assists individuals and groups to optimize their health, performance and in some cases make life-changing transformations. All three complementary practices share the ability to align the mind, body, and spirit towards a common purpose. Among his training is the Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy technique from the Wellness Institute, which was taught through the prestigious Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. Paul brings a wealth of business world experiences to his practices. He has worked in corporate, small business, consulting and university settings. MLHR, BA Psychology. Ordained Minister.

Contact Paul

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Website https://www.holisticpathwaysneo.com

Phone 330-354-1604