Creating Your Sacred Space

Creating Your Sacred Space

By Jill Mattson

A healing Grid

The ancient masters kept a titillating ancient secret: how to progress towards enlightenment, by being in a carefully designed space. Notice that people travel far to a sacred site to feel uplifted, yet they can create such spaces themselves.

Everything is energy with a vibration. Every vibration has a frequency – think of the rocks in the ground, mineral content of the soil, the presence of water in the air (or not). Things of the Earth contribute to the “frequency potpourri” of a location.  Various places feel differently. Reflect on the feeling of being in a desert and then near the ocean. The amount of water in the air changes the feeling of a location.

Ancient people observed how they felt while at a variety of places. They noticed tiny, subtle feelings, and picked exquisite feeling spots – resulting from soil, rocks and the history of events at a certain location. Locations on ley line intersections (energy currents from the Earth’s molten iron core) were selected because the Master’s sacred energy could combine with underground ley lines, and travel great distances to bless a broad area.

People’s feelings leave their bodies and deposit energy in their location. Observe the feelings of Auschwitz, the Gettysburg battle field or a “bad” section of town. Contrast that with the Cathedral of Notre Dame or Machu Picchu. Our feelings and consciousness subtly floats in the air, like snowflakes floating to the ground. Highly evolved people’s energy-droplets are like rose petals – ever fragrant and soft. We literally step on this sacred energy at a sacred spot. Rather than complain, these energies uplift the energy of our feet. Places where people pray, – also become peaceful. There prayers subtly remain in the area.

People are unique complex units of subtle energy, all of which is composed of frequencies. What feels good for one person may not be elevating for the next. Each sacred site is different – as it was crafted for the bliss of people at a certain time and place. You may be more attracted to one or another sacred place, as your energy will be more enhanced with one that suits your personal frequency needs.

Ancient people spent more time observing subtle feelings than we would ever dream of, but now we can awaken these skills. For example, when you face different directions (North, East, West & South) each feels a tiny bit different – some routes feel better than others. Ancient practices were used to uplift, balance and harmonize each direction, as if each subtle feeling from a direction was a note of a musical chord. (Feelings have frequencies.)

Sound was the most powerful tool to create sacred space. It is easily changed and can continually add energy to a location. Ancient people faced each direction and sang vowels, observing which sounds made the directional energy feel better.  The same process was repeated with rhythmic patterns and musical pitches. For example, to balance the feelings of the directions, Native Americans faced the East and sang the long E sound, to the South they uttered the aye vowel. The energy from the West was harmonized with the uuu sound and North was balanced with ooo.

Observe the subtle feeling of the ground and walk each inch of your sacred space, noticing which spots feel better.  Crystals with beautiful energy, buried in the soil, lift any spot that doesn’t feel sublime.  The same could be done for the sky above. Prayers and songs open up the sky to pour fourth high frequency energy, making the space feel divine – like creating a “heavenly porthole”.

In Druidic lure, people sang uplifting songs to create sacred space. With prayerful intent and sound vibrations, strong doses of divine energy entered the air and settled in the soil. Repetitions are important as sound is subtle energy (tiny amounts of energy); each time a song is sung one drop of positive energy is added to the location. Singing continued until the area was overflowing with uplifting energy. Rocks also slowly absorbed the singing and intent, adding to the permanent healing potential of the location – like creating a free alternative health care system.

Next our wise ancestors used sacred geometry (shapes found in nature) with building designs, landscaping and they converted sacred geometry to sounds. Some musicians have done this today, such as Jill Mattson’s Paint Your Soul and Star Dust CDs. Both harmonize an area to the energy of Mother Earth’s favorite shapes, sounds and add energetic star songs. Music and sound are the most powerful tools in the creation of sacred space!

Sacred Space is uplifting and transformative. You can create it in your location – uplifting not only yourself, but many others and the Earth herself.

Jill Mattson
Jill Mattson

About the Author

Jill Mattson is a prolific Author, Musician and Artist. Jill is a four – time author and widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!  Her six CD’s combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original Award winning musical compositions (Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD of 2012 – Silver Award).  The CD’s consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques – with sound energy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.,,