Healthy Communication

One things which can help your relationships with others is your ability to communicate with them effectively. If you want to better understand yourself and begin to develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships, the first step can often be for you to take the time to communicate in a healthy way with others.

Safe and healthy communication always starts with you. While you can want to live in a world where others will always treat you with respect and consideration, the unfortunate truth is that this is not the world we live in. The fact of the matter is that we can only control ourselves. Thankfully, this is all we need to control most of the time. We can control the way we interact with others, ensuring that we are a net positive on society. Sometimes, a small positive action can have a butterfly effect, causing happiness to ripple through a chain of people. We can also control how we react to the communications we have with others. Learning to separate our self esteem and validation from what others say is an incredibly important tool, not only for being happy, but for helping us to break cycles of negativity.

Communicating with others in a healthy way is a careful balance of giving them what they want without forgetting what they need. The closer you are to a person, the easier it should be to be honest with them. If you see a stranger doing something unhealthy like abusing alcohol, criticizing them is unlikely to change anything. Instead, brightening their day with a complement or by treating them well can help them to begin to develop the esteem they may need to recognize the problem and change it. However, if your close friend or family member were doing the same, you could be in a position to lovingly and carefully communicate to them your concerns. The goal will be to not forget the other persons needs, and to always treat them compassionately, and as an equal.

I will write more on how to communicate with others in a healthy way, because our interpersonal relationships are often one of the most important predictors of our overall health. If we can have good relationships with those around us, it will create environments which are supportive, healthy, and allow us to reach our full potential. For now, just start with basic respect and a smile.