Holistic Health through Touch

Our ability to interact with those around is not limited to our basic senses. Our bodies have many ways to sense and change, and one of the best ways to help connect with and interact with someone is through touch. Holistic touch therapy is a great way to begin to promote your overall health and happiness.

Here are a few of the benefits that holistic touch therapy can offer you.

  1. Stop Pain. Our bodies respond to touch by increasing the flow of blood to an area. Touch can also cause the release of local anesthetic, which is essentially a natural painkiller your body produces. This means that if you are experiencing pain, sometimes simple touch therapy can help to alleviate it. This has the added benefit of helping you to be less stressed overall. Stress is estimated to be the cause of a huge portion of health issues in the world, and helping to decrease your stress levels will only decrease your risks for many diseases.
  2. Promote Healing. Not only does touch help to remove pain, but the increased blood flow also brings with it the nutrients and growth factors which help your body to repair itself naturally and quickly. So, you can remove the pain in the short term and also accelerate the rate of healing that you will experience.
  3. Increase Flexibility. Stretching and touch therapy can help you to limber up your joints, helping your ligaments and tendons to become accustomed to a wider range of movements. One of the largest reasons for injury during physical activity is when a limb or body part overextends. Helping to stretch help you to become familiar with your healthy range of motion.
  4. Promote Growth. Not only does the increased blood flow to an area which accompanies touch therapy help to stimulate healing, but it also can stimulate growth of muscle tissue. If you are exercising, building muscle is a great way to improve your overall health. This muscle tissue requires nutrients, and so will increase the caloric needs of your body even when you are not using them. This can help you to lose weight and of course engage in a wider range of physical activities.

Holistic touch and healing can be amazing benefits to your life, and I have rarely seen someone walk away disappointed after experiencing the benefits themselves. Look for a trusted holistic health expert who can recommend the best services for you.