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Does life pass by in a blink of an eye?

Consider for a moment that perhaps you are cruising through life on auto pilot. Have you ever been driving and suddenly realize you don’t know where you are? Or maybe watching TV and a commercial break comes on and you cannot remember what you were watching.

So much of our life goes on automatic. Our consciousness checks in from time to time but time flies. They say the older you get the faster time goes. I believe that this perception of time relates more to becoming more and more complacent in our realities. In one of my favorite books called Happier than God by Neale Donald Walsch he writes on of the most impact things I have ever read. “Happiness is not the cause of certain conditions. Certain conditions are the cause of happiness.”

What he proposed changed my way of thinking completely. In time my new way of thinking lead to a new state of being. The concept is simple. ANY external event that impacts your state of being is an addiction. True states of being come from within and are unaffected by external stimulus. An example I heard once: Imagine that you walk into a Baskin Robbins and order a chocolate ice cream cone. The cashier informs you that they are all out of chocolate. A human doing would REACT by being disappointed perhaps with an attitude that if they can’t have chocolate they don’t want anything at all. It ruins their night. In this scenario the absence of an external stimulus results in an effect in the perceived state of being.

In the same situation someone who is in the state of happiness simply orders another flavor when they are told chocolate is out. They experience no disappointment, no change in mood, they simply role with the punches. It is the perspective of the old saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

So the big question: How do you come from a state of being to draw experience?

There is no simple to answer to this because everyone’s experiences are different so different techniques will work differently for different people.  Here are a few quick guidelines to get you started.

  • Half the battle is simply taking your life off of auto pilot. Strive to choose your actions in every instance instead of reacting. Reaction comes from the personality body. The part of your ego that has been programmed in childhood and throughout our life from society, family and friends. Strive to always be the observer.
  • When ever you encounter SATAN (seeing any thing as negative) stop in your tracks and re-frame the perception into a gratitude statement. The more you do this it will anchor in your way of thinking and you will find that often times your perception is the one of gratitude.
  • Start a daily meditation. Meditation is a great way to start to gain detachment
  • Keep a journal at night. Write down all the details you can. When you see how much you do or do not remember you may pay attention more the next day.

In closing, pay attention to your own behavior. When you react to something simply pause, reflect and ask yourself what in  me resonated to that situation that needs healing. Awareness is half the battle. Do not expect to shift completely overnight. Practice progress vs. perfection and simply strive to be wholly present in the ever present moment of now.

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