Inner Health for Healthy Skin

While it can be difficult to get the true measure of a person via a skin-deep assessment, it is still true that our skin tells a story about us. Is it warm? Clean? Smooth? How we care for our bodies and our general health is reflected in our overall well-being, and if you want to improve the health of your skin, you should look within.

People spend vast sums of money on skincare product which claim to help remove wrinkles, or clear out unhealthy skin. However, these products are frequently just harmful chemicals which can do more damage than they help. Your skin is a part of you, and while it is important to keep yourself clean and healthy, bathing your skin in harsh chemicals is not the best way to treat it.

Your outer layer of skin is mostly dead. As your cells divide, the outer layers begin to die as the cell produces large quantities of a protein called keratin. This is the same protein which forms our fingernails and is why your outer layer of skin is tougher than the layers underneath. At some point, the keratin buildup interferes with the normal functioning of the cell, and it dies, leaving what is essentially a small sac filled with hardened protein. This process is going on all the time and is how your skin repairs itself over time. The top layer falls off slowly and is replaced by the layer beneath. If your skin is burned or damaged, this outer layer can grow back quickly and reliably.

The layer beneath the outer layer is not dead but plays a vital role in maintaining the health and appearance of the skin overall. It is here that you find the collagen and elastin protein aggregates which are responsible for the skins ability to stretch and hold its shape. If you are unhealthy or imbalanced, this layer can become damaged over time. Keeping to a healthy lifestyle and ensuring that you protect your skin can help keep this layer functioning perfectly. Over time, damage to this area can cause many of the changes we associate with aging, such as wrinkles. If you want to avoid these, focusing on inner health and vitality will have a much greater benefit compared to scrubbing things onto the upper layer of dead skin which will fall off soon anyways. This is why protecting your skin from the sun can be effective: because radiation from the sun can damage the cells and proteins which make up this sub dermal scaffolding.