Self-Definition As a Holistic Tool

It is incredibly common for people to suffer from a variety of unpleasant mental struggles such as Anxiety, Depression, and Social Insecurity. One unfortunate reality is that we, like other animals, can sometimes end up hurting others as a result of our own struggles and insecurities. Just as an injured animal will sometimes lash out at those around it, our own pain can cause us to inadvertently or imperfectly cause pain in others.

There are several things you can do to help yourself to be happier, and to have more control over your actions. The first thing to do is to seek to embrace those things in your life which you allow to define you. Often, the way we respond to people is rooted in how we think they feel about us, which in turn stems from how we feel about ourselves. If we can rid ourselves of some of these unreasonable negative self-perceptions, we will in turn be more prepared for healthy relationships with those around us. Redefine yourself as someone of value and allow yourself to see the good that you do.

This is often not something which can be easily accomplished through willpower alone. While it may seem like we should be sitting and thinking hard about what we can do to change, there are reasons to believe that this may not be the case. This leads us to the one major tip you should take from this article. Think less, do more. While sitting and thinking about a problem can sometimes help us find a solution, it can also be destructive. If there is no solution available, thinking about it can only lead to unhealthily dwelling on the issue. If we have had a bad breakup, an embarrassing moment, or someone has wronged us, dwelling on this will not tell us anything new. We already know the facts of the issue and dwelling on them is likely to bring back the feelings of hurt we had already felt. Dwelling on it will not change anything and is simply the act of focusing on something which is quite unpleasant. If you have a food you dislike, gulp it down. There is no reason to keep it sitting on your tongue, confirming over again that yes, this is something you do not like. Rather, get out and do things to replace the bad thoughts with healthier ones. There is no magic bullet to dealing with the challenges we face. However, there are certainly things we can do which increase our chances of feeling happy and satisfied.