The Fire of Transmutation


As we move through life there are always ups and downs. Sometimes there is such a huge event that our entirety of being is up for examination. It is in times like this where our choice or lack of choice defines not only who we are, but who we are being.

In the summer of 2017, the day after the full eclipse, there was a fire at Goddess Elite. Goddess Elite had become a pilar in the community creating a space where practitioners could offer their gifts as readers and healers, massage therapists and life coaches to the community in search of spiritual growth and transformation.

Many of the practitioners do this work full time and to suddenly lose a place that was host to not just offering your services on a one-on-one basis but also a place to offer your classes and presentations to larger numbers of people could be crippling.

Personally I have an office space in Lakewood, and my own place to offer workshops. Still there are some clients that would only come to see me out of Goddess Elite. I also had a well established retail business offering Aromatherapy products and sound healing tools through the store, at monthly events and on my website.

Even with insurance there is a disruption to the business, to the energy flow and a questioning to the universe… “why”?

It was a time of deep reflection for many involved. For me, I fell back onto the space of asking questions to the universe.  “How does it get better than this?”  This is a phrase I learned through Access Consciousness. No matter the situation, asking this question will allow the universe to show you how it gets better. The instant you see it get better you ask this question again creating an endless upward spiral of manifestation and creation.

The second question is even simpler. Who do I choose to be? For me the entirety of existence can be boiled down to this simple paragraph.

“God is all there is, all at once in the ever present moment of now. Your only purpose is to simply decide who you are going to be in relation to your perceived reality. The universe then provides you the opportunity to express this being through what you are doing through the unlimited potential of the universe.”

After an experience like a fire you can literally do anything. You do not have to rebuild. You could close up shop and go to work for another company. Perhaps you choose not to recover. You could go into the depths of depression, or become enraged by anger. Asking the question “Why?” could drive one insane because the whole point of it all is to decide who you are going to be. The “why” doesn’t matter.

One thing is clear. If you choose to rebuild what was lost and reaffirm to the universe who you have chosen to be as a catalyst for change and healing, as a self-employed entrepreneur and healer with a dedication to be of service to the community and the world, you will step into a new congruence.

Congruence is a necessary component for being a “Master Manifestor”. We are beings of creation, we cannot “not” create. We often create though our unconscious mind, or worse yet consciously create with our mind saying one thing while our actions say another. “I choose to lose weight” says the mind while the body walks into a McDonalds…. action speak louder than words.

Relish the events in your life that seem to turn the world upside down. When you emerge, even if you are doing the same thing as before, it will be from a space of a new awareness and of a new alignment.

Fire is the energy of change and transmutation. It is the energy of transmuting our inner shadow into positive expression. I am excited to see how the energy will unfold for Goddess Elite and all of those affiliated with them. I hope that the sharing of the story will inspire you to re-evaluate the “fires” and “storms” of your life, however they have manifested, and shed new awareness as to their purpose which may be a simple affirmation to the universe from the totality of your being instead of the “autopilot” saying “Yes..! This is who I choose to be”.

In every moment strive to respond instead of react. Choose to respond out of love, compassion and understanding instead of reacting out of fear. In every moment strive to operate from the totality of your being and work to be aligned with your body, mind, and soul and beyond.

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