Unconscious Desire for Community


“Unconscious Desire for Community.”

By: Zane Curfman

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Zane Curfman

The sense that something is wrong with the world, that the current way of life is unsustainable, becomes more prevalent as homelessness, unemployment, and greater restrictions of personal freedoms are on the rise. This is giving birth to a new generation of protest. Movements such as the Tea party, Occupy Wall ST, and the Arab Spring are manifesting from humanity’s sub-conscious need for community.

As swelling communal dissidence grows, it marks we are coming towards the end of a violent period, known in the prophecies as, “the time of marching.” Unfortunately, though, the threat of war still hangs over our heads. The rising of people trying to make positive change, offers us glimmers of hope.

The violence of this time has come from the clashing of two titanic forces within humanity itself. This is personified in the prophecy as two archetypal beings fighting for control.



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The Conquering Lion

This is a way of being with an emphasis on similarity, industry, and an ego-centered individualism. It advocates a hegemonic world-view based on intimidating force. The goal being to enforce conformity of mind and body, at any cost, including ferociously attacking any developing nation or groups that hold differing ideals, values, or ways of life. This vision of reality took dominance at the turn of the last age, around 1500 ad, and helped to birth most of modern Westernized “civilization.”

The Communal Serpent.

Don Zane CurfmanThis is a way of being with an emphasis on the celebration of differences, agriculture, sharing, and a nature-centered humanitarianism. The goal in this paradigm, is to build strong, supportive communities that help develop each person’s individual talents and gifts for the good of the whole. It involves the practice of equality and seeing differences as divine. It is a vision of life practiced by most humans before the modern era and prophesied to return during our current age.

Through the Prophecies our ancestors strive to remind us that when all looks darkest, as social structures collapse, it is in these times the light returns to the world. Manifesting from the most unlikely place in the most unlikely way:

“As the people gather in fear and uncertainty awaiting the basics of life from collapsed systems no longer able to support them, forming great long serpentine lines. The people will begin to remember the qualities of the communal serpent. As they begin to speak and listen to each others problems and needs, they will start to see that the savior is truly one another and the natural world.”

This realization will restore self-respect and pride to the people, prompting each to use their gifts and talents in support of one another. As we realize how much we rely on nature, that she is the source for all that is needed, we will start to see her as a loving being-our true mother. Eventually we will learn to communicate with her as our ancestors did through a type of energetic dialog.

By rediscovering the wisdom of our ancestors we simultaneously start the important work of ancestral healing, and awakening the gifts of our family lines. Eventually this healing creates an unbroken lineage to the Creator itself. By connecting with our roots, we literally become an ascending feather of unique-colored light. Humanity will come to realize that all family lines, traditions, and societies are representations of the many divine faces of the Creator. As more and more “turn on,” thus becoming a their own feather of unique-colored light. It will adorn the serpent-symbol of Mother Earth with the rainbow-colored wings of Ascension. This signifies the healing of humanity, the bridging of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and the harmony of the inner/outer masculine and feminine. This will lead to a global “Hapu,” the highest form of Yanatin (complimentary of opposites.)

Community Before Cause

During this time when protest and political movements are uniting like-minded individuals hoping to create a better future for us all. What matters the most, is the health of these fledgling communities. As we continue to mature, (attain the 4th level of consciousness) we will develop the wisdom and compassion to enlarge our communities-beyond the self-made borders of land and ideas. There will soon come a time, when we will have the capacity for accepting and empathizing with the rights of others-while celebrating their differences. This will lead to a true global community. Alone we can do amazing things, united we can preform miracles. We need only to proceed with the utmost confidence.

About the author

inka mountain magikCurfman is a healer, teacher and lecturer. He travels the country teaching the Andean spiritual and healing arts. Zane is the founder of the Salka Munay Ayllu, a community created for the preservation of folk medicine ways and earth honoring cerimonies, Father of the Katari Tradition of cross cultural shamanism, the Author of Inka Mountain Magic: A Natural Mystic’s Guide to Ascension, and several articles on Andean shamanism for Light Bridges and Fire Mass magazines, He served as Interim Dean of Shamanic Studies for the International Metaphysical University, winter and spring semesters 2009-2010.

Initially trained by Juan Nunez del Prado, Zane is an initiated Kurak Aqulleq or 4th level Altomisayoq (Shaman Priest), of the Q’ero Paqo Kuna tradition of Shamanism. Zane was invited to the Sacred Q’ero Nation and has studied with many Q’ero elders. He was made a part of the Q’ero nation of Kiko where his goddaughters family lives. He is also an initiated Altomisayoq in the Qori Lasso Paqo Kuna tradition. A family tradition of his good friend and spiritual brother don Alberto Fermamdez Santa Cruse. Don Alberto has trusted Zane to carry his family spiritual tradition into the western world for the enrichment of all.

Zane works as a bridge between cultures. He sees this as his part in the prophecy of the condor and the eagle. Find out more about Zane on his website