Healers Retreat Workshop

Join us the weekend of November 20th-22nd for an amazing workshop that is sure to be life changing.

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Meet the presenters:

Jill Mattson
Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson is an accomplished artist, musician, lecturer & author. She is a recording artist, with numerous CDs using ancient and modern Sound Healing techniques. HerDeep Wave Beauty CD was a finalist for the COVR Specialty CD of 2012 award.

Jill travels the country offering workshops that reinvent ancient healing techniques for the modern world in addition to offering information from her research on new frequencies that have been found to have amazing impacts on Body Mind and Soul.





Rev. Hank Setala
Rev. Hank Setala

Hank Setala is founder of Holistic Health and Healing and co-founder of the annual expo. He is an author, teacher and healer having studied with some of the worlds most sought after teachers. He is a graduate of the School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale NY and currently serves on the board of directors. He is also on the Board of directors for Centered Wellness as well as Holistic Health Cleveland.  People travel from all over for his amazing gifts as a healer and intuitive.





About the Course:


November 20th Ascended Master Channeling. 7:00PM-9:00PM

Hank will perform a group sound attunment session using archangel forks, fibanocci tones and planetary frequencies.  Jill Mattson will chanel the energies of the angels and masters to bring forth information and messages for the group.

November 21st Ancient Sound Healing

Optional early bird group sound healing and meditation with Hank Setala, then. Blast to the past with Jill Mattson as she brings us through antiquity. The day will be filled with practical exercises to develop your newly learned skills. You will learn:

  • Methods of transmuting negative energy it to positive expression
  • Energy healing techniques that transcend distance and time
  • Toning techniques to heal body, mind, and soul
  • much more!

November 22nd The Magic of Science

Hank will take you through a fast paced lecture and demonstrations bridging the gap between science and metaphysics. He will demonstrate techniques that you can use with any set of tuning forks, plus an anchoring method that will allow you to learn virutally any tone and use it without needing to buy tuning forks at all. Hank will also present a quick overview of metaphysics and how it applies to healing to create an understanding of exactly what is going on with your client so you can give them full support for their healing.

Students will be able to:

  • Understand how to heal using sympathetic resonance
  • Be able to choose a set of tones for a particular purpose (Energy healing, physical healing, consciousness shifts etc. )
  • Use Otto forks in combination with accupressure points for amazing results for virtually anything there is a pressure point for.
  • An energy technique to be used in conjunction with sound healing to help the client transmute what they are ready to let go of (not just get rid of it)

The last part  of the day will be an open clinic where students can give and receive healing sessions using the different forks available.


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