Viking Runes ~ A Tool for Divining the Soul’s Path

Viking Runes

A tool for divining the path of the soul.

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Rune Master Rian Dean will be discussing the Viking Runes and their uses as a divinatory tool.

Rian has been practicing the art of Runemal since 1997 when he actively began his Spiritual Path. Over that time Rian has dug deep into the origins of the Runes, the lore, mystery, and history of this ancient language and the manner in which it has been used for almost 3000 years to help people divine the nature of Right Action in their Lives.

Rian will be teaching you how to use this ancient tool in a manner relevant to life in the 21st century. The Runes describe the Path of the Soul. The Souls Path is always the path of least resistance in your life, the path that leaves behind suffering and struggle.

You will learn how to use the Runes to assist in determining Right Action from the perspective of the Soul. Your tuition for this class includes the first public release of Rian’s own interpretation of the Viking Runes, the meaning they have evolved into and a detailed description of both the ancient meanings of the Runes and the current interpretation of each individual Rune.

This is a unique opportunity to bridge the ancient tools of the Norse Gods with our current world. Determine Right Action from your own Souls deep knowing of your purpose and discover the new use of an ancient tool to guide you into a future of abundance, clarity, and Joy!

At the end of this 3-hour class, you will have the knowledge necessary to begin using these powerful tools to improve your own Life and the lives of everyone else willing to Be more!

Class Details

April 23rd 11:00am-2:00pm

16300 Delaware Ave

Lakewood OH 44107

The location is an old church that has been converted into an amazing space. Light snacks will be provided as well as coffee and water for tea.