Empathic Empowerment Training

Empathic Empowerment Training®

Join HHH as we host Rian Dean on Saturday, October 28th for Empathic Empowerment Training®, designed to help those who are able to feel the emotions of others around them. Learn life-changing techniques on how to keep yourself grounded and stay in your own energy and power. The training will be held at 16300 Delaware Ave at our Lakewood workshop location Please note this is a different location than our office.




We are unable to Heal What We are Afraid to Fully Feel


Join Rian Dean for two days of empowerment that will change your life. Empathic Empowerment Training® moves the Healer from the old paradigm of separation, where healers were described as and taught to be limited by the famous psychologist Carl Jung’s  ‘Wounded Healer’ archetype, to the new paradigm of Healing in Oneness.  Those most able to sense the emotions and energetic feeling of another are referred to as Empaths. Many Empaths are unaware of their gift, it’s purpose or how to live with such sensitivity. This leaves the Empath vulnerable to the energy of others and often confused by or overwhelmed by that energy.

Healer Heal Thyself

Empathic Empowerment facilitates the healing of the Healer and allows the individual to fully embody their entire range of empathic ability without the limitation of fear, confusion, and pain they have previously hidden from. The time of the “Wounded Healer” has passed.

In this amazing 1 day empowerment, Rian will give you tools and techniques that will enable you to deal with the energies surrounding you. Empathic Empowerment Training teaches the Empath to know their own energy, their own emotions so well there is little chance they will ever be overwhelmed by the energy of another.

After this workshop the participants will be able to:

  • more fully experience their gift of empathy without the discomfort, disorientation, and pain many empaths hide from.
  • use tools and techniques to identify their own energy and remain open to but separate from the energy of others.
  • master methods of processing the energy from others without allowing that energy to affect their own well-being.
  • release hidden anchors based on guilt and regret from previous experience by using the Ascended Master St. Germaine’s Violet Flame of Transmutation.

Space for this workshop is limited to just 8 participants so make your investment in your healing today and sign up now by clicking here. 


An Experiential Workshop

(Prerequisite: EET® 1)*

The second workshop in the Empathic Empowerment Training® series is designed to offer a deep-dive into the processes learned in the first workshop.  During this workshop, we will take a closer look at how each process is intended to help the Empath gain balance in a tumultuous energetic world. We will practice each technique we learned in EET® 1 with the time to experience a deeper process while maintaining a workshop environment of mutual participation and support.

As we move into a deeper connection to ourselves we will have the opportunity to experience a depth of perception that is richer in sensory experience and emotional content than time restraints in EET® 1 permitted. There will also be an opportunity to explore those experiences as a group to reduce the ‘charge’ of emotions the Empath often feels. In this manner, the need for emotional isolation is reduced as we gain experience in identifying our own energies as opposed to those from our immediate environment.


Please wear comfortable, warm clothing as we will be remaining in a still, silent experience for up to half an hour during some of the processes. Coffee, tea, and water, as well as light snacks, are provided. If you have dietary allergies or limitations let us know or bring a suitable snack for yourself. Refreshment is beneficial during these processes.


This workshop is experiential and offers direct training in


  1. a new grounding and cleansing exercise

  2. techniques for becoming ‘present’ in our bodies

  3. becoming fully grounded in the moment

  4. receiving unlimited energy for healing ourselves and others

  5. the transmutation of guilt, regret, anxiety, and worry into positive energy for our growth

*This workshop is an expansion of knowledge received in EET® 1 and an opportunity to experience each process to a greater depth than possible in the first workshop, therefore participation in Empathic Empowerment Training® Class 1 is a prerequisite for participation in EET® 2.

You have the option of registering for just day 1, or do both days together to anchor the skills taught and take your mastery of being an empath to the next level.



About the Presenter:

Rian Dean is a Master Rune Reader, certified I.E.T.® practitioner, and a certified Access Consciousness Bars® facilitator. For almost 20 years he has walked his path as a reader and a healer, but a new clarity formed after a death experience. Following that experience, Rian has walked his path without fear and in a new clarity and confidence. With a background in engineering, Rian delivers the material he has received with language that is direct, concise and understandable for anyone regardless of how new they are to the world of metaphysics.

To learn more about Rian or to set up a one on one appointment please visit his website at www.EmpathicHealings.com or watch him on his recent TV appearance below.