Goddess Elite

A Pillar of Community and Healing

Holistic Health and Healing started originally as a private healing practice and has become so much more. Part of the success of this transformation is because of Goddess Elite. In addition to being our partner for the annual Holistic Health and Healing Expo, they also are a pillar of the metaphysical and holistic accommodating various local practitioners giving them a place to offer there goods and services.

Psychic Fairs (The best fairs in Cleveland)

The readers and practitioners hand selected by the staff at Goddess Elite literally offer thousands of products, services, workshops, lectures and classes. The best time to get a sampling of all that the have to offer is at the monthly psychic and wellness fair. The fair gives you access to some of Cleveland’s most gifted healers and readers. Every fair is different, but often has regulars. Click here to check out all the practitioners.

Holistic Classes, workshops and more!

Goddess Elite has several stand alone classes, but we also partner to bring some of the worlds most gifted teachers right to your door step. Look forward to the 2016 Shaman apprenticeship program, and a cooperative venture for a sound healing school. In addition to these collaborative efforts Goddess Elite offers courses teaching I.E.T., Practical Reiki, Metaphysics, Astrology, Aromatherapy and more! Check out our community calendar and search for Goddess Elite to find all the upcoming offerings.