A Story of a Divine Inspiration


The Magic Behind HHH

Some people only know HHH as the expo and workshops but it started as something quite different. This is the hhh
Inspirational story of how a simple divine inspiration developed and flourished.  In 2008 I was inspired by spirit to create a logo while going through my training at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale NY to come up with a logo that incorporated 3 H’s

Working with a friend who did graphic design the first HHH logo was born. At that time I did not even have a name for the company. What I came up with was Higher Healing by Hank. At that time all I offered was Reiki.

Overtime the offerings evolved to include retail products including tuning forks and aromatherapy and select crystal items in addition to other healing modalities and of course readings. Everything I looked to do seemed to be supported by spirit. When I completely my Reiki training a friend gifted me a massage table. When I approached Goddess Elite with the old owners asking for their help to get my training readings in they put me on as a store reader.

They say that when you are in the flow of your soul path things can just happen. When Goddess Elite was bought by Melissa we would have the opportunity to talk in between clients. The question came up “If we were to put on an expo where could we do it?” A few phone calls and a meeting later we found the Soccer Sportsplex and the first HHH expo was born in 2012.

Holistic-Health-Healing_ver1-01The intention was to create a hybrid show that was not just another psychic fair but a truly balanced event offering various types of good and services from the traditional to the metaphysical. Higher Healing by Hank was rebranded to Holistic Health and Healing. My business split. www.hhhexpos.com was founded for the expo, but it still had the webstore and all my services offering on it as well.

Over the 5 years (now going on 6 at the time of this writing) HHH grew into an amazing community. The third year we added a community calendar as well as a business directory. Both services free to holistic practitioners and businesses. In 2016 we added the Holistic Health Herald a free community blog to give every healer a voice. From the first year to the second year we went from 13000 square feet to 26000 square feet. By the third we were using the entire facility and consistently had over 1000 patrons every year.

While HHH grew, my private practice just coasted. It was not until the 2016 just months before the 5th annual expo that I received my next divine inspiration. While taking by two sons to day car a red tailed hawk swooped down so close to my car that I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it. While it passed I made eye contact with that hawk and had the inspiration of The Sonic Shaman. I was just finishing a one year apprenticeship of the Paco tradition of Peru. I had not really integrated the teachings with my sound therapy.

I quickly put together my first Sonic Shaman Crystal Bowl Concert and started actively combining the two. In short, I found my own voice as a healer. A vision from almost 10 years ago had come full circle. A private practice that grew into a community and then back to a private practice.

The reason I write this story now is not just to tell the story about HHH, but to demonstrate that when we receive guidance and inspirations that it is a dynamic energy. It changes with you and with time. Once you get a inspiration from spirit stay open for additional guidance. Had I not been open to spirit HHH would still be Higher Healing by Hank offering Reiki and Readings. Instead, it developed to a community resource that has touched over 100,000 people.

By Hank Setala