Energy Work

I offer a wide range of energy healing modalities  many of which can be incorporated with my sound healing. I do what spirit guides me to do, however if you have a request for a specific modality to be used I can honor that.

Crystal Healing: There are hundreds of different types of crystals that can be used in healing. I often times combine crystals with other types of healing, but I also know some stand alone techniques.

Color Works: This is a technique developed by Patty Conkin who is a well known medical intuitive. It is based on the principle that we store within us low vibration energies like fear, anger, and resentment. Our bodies actually take on cellular memory which may create energy blocks. Color works matches the frequency of these energy blocks and loosens them so that they can pass through the body.

Spiritual Vibrational Healing: Also taught by Patty Conklin, this technique is one where the practitioner emanates and matches the energy of the clients, and then slowly modifies and changes the energy. In essence, it aides the client in slowly raising their vibration. In conjunction with color works, this is a powerful combination. I use this technique in combination with any other energy work I do as it helps the client relax and feel comfortable in the healing process.