The Sonic Shaman

Cleveland Shaman

IMG_3435Experience the blending of two powerful healing modalities. The Shamanic healing arts of Peruvian shamanism combined with the harmonic healing effects of sound and vibration.

Hank Setala was born a natural intuitive and healer and combines his natural gifts with various healing modalities catering each session to the unique needs of the client.

Hank is available for private sessions by appointment 7 days a week. For evenings or weekends call 440-720-HEAL (4325). Distance healing is available as well. We utilize modern technology to live stream the session to you so you can have an interactive experience.

Hank is also available for public concert demonstrations, Corporate talks or demonstrations & so much more.

Call today to discuss your needs, or click hereto schedule an appointment.




Q. Why do you call yourself the Sonic Shaman?

A. It was a divine inspiration. While driving my children to day care a red tail hawk swooped down so close to my car that I had to hit the breaks to avoid hitting it. In that moment the hawk and I made eye contact and I had the inspiration to call myself the Sonic Shaman. The perfect name to bridge the modalities.

Q. What do you charge?

A. For first time clients you receive a one hour session for half price. $50.00. I also have a referral system. Refer someone to me and you get an additional session at 1/2 price.