Solving Modern Problems by Looking to the Past


The human condition has changed a lot in the last few millennia, yet humans at their core have hardly changed at all. While the circumstances of our lives are drastically different, at our core we are the same humans which have existed throughout history. Life has changed, but we have not. Many of the issues we face in our lives are a result of this fact.

When humanity was young, life was simpler in many ways. The complicated social systems which dominate our interactions with the world did not exist, and we learned from nature rather than seeking to subjugate it. This existence, while sometimes dangerous and insecure, also kept us connected spiritually to the world.

Modern society offers a whole host of benefits to the human condition. Few of us are likely to starve to death, die of predation from wild animals, or freeze to death in the winter. Additionally, we can do things like cross the globe to visit family, see natural beauty, and explore different cultures. A man in India can call his daughter living in Ireland and talk to her in real time. However, despite the fact that technological and electronic inventions have given us the ability to be more connected, many people feel less connected, and less healthy, than ever. Why is this?

One explanation for why people experience so many negative things unnecessarily is that they simply do not understand what is wrong. They see others living a specific way and model their lives to fit the same pattern. They may never realize why they always feel deep down that something is wrong. Reconnecting to the knowledge and practices of our ancestors, and those found in other cultures can endow us with a great deal of fulfillment and improve our mental and physical health. The great thing about living today is that we can enjoy all of the benefits of modern life, while also embracing every tool available to improve our wellbeing.

If you are wondering why things in your life feel wrong, what you can do about your health issues, and want to address your spiritual well being, then stick around. We cover in depth a huge variety of holistic healing principles, philosophies, and more. If your interest is purely out of curiosity, or you simply want to better understand yourself, do some reading, and figure out how we can help you improve your life.