Why a Holistic Approach?


Humans are complicated creatures, and we face numerous problems. When we experience struggles, they reverberate through our entire being, and ignoring our complex nature can lead to some unpleasant outcomes. For example, a person diagnosed with cancer might seek medical treatment for the disease. However, while doctors may attempt to remove the cancer, I have often found that they neglect the rest of the individual. If you want to truly help someone with cancer, you need to do more than remove the disease. You need to understand the suffering they are going through as a result of their diagnosis. Learning that you have a potentially fatal disease can cause a whole host of mental and spiritual issues, such as sadness, a disconnect from life, or even depression.

In other words, while there are many benefits to a scientific approach to healing, any system which does not consider your mental and spiritual health as part of the process does you a great disservice. Holistic therapy seeks to bridge the gap between the many different approaches to health we may find. When we take a holistic approach to our health, we recognize wisdom and healing no matter the source, and we seek to address all of our needs, ignoring none of them. While there can sometimes be a benefit in focusing on one issue single-mindedly, there is a cost associated with that approach that should not be ignored. If you focus on your physical health to the point that your relationships with loved ones deteriorate, will you truly be able to enjoy your newfound physical health? Similarly, if you are truly comfortable and well connected to those around you, how long will you be able to enjoy this if your body is being pushed far past its natural limits?

So, next time you are facing a problem, whether it is emotional, physical, spiritual or mental, try to begin by looking at yourself as a whole, and searching for areas where you can make improvements. Make a conscious effort to understand yourself and connect to those around you as part of your healing. The more successful you are at fully addressing your needs, the greater healing you will experience. A holistic approach to your personal well being can help to resolve many of the uncomfortable and painful realities of modern life. As is often the case, balance is the answer.