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Empowering you to take a holistic approach to step into your unique voice in this world

The HHH evolution

In a vision, Hank Setala had the concept of a logo with 3 H’s. The original company founded was Higher healing by Hank. In 2012 with the start of the expo, Hank rebranded as Holistic Health and Healing in partnership with Goddess Elite with the goal to create events that bridged the scientific and metaphysical world. 

The expo’s tagline was psychics to physicians from everywhere in between and continued from 2012 to 2019. In a vision, Hank saw handing the logo to someone, and the Holistic Health and Healing Center opened in August of 2019. With the impact of COVID and other factors, the partnership was dissolved. 

With a shift in the energy of the world, A new concept was created called Emergence of Being. A group of contributors dedicated to helping people find their own unique voice in this world. 

The name Holistic Health and Healing is still part of the new contributor network as a webstore as well as a live show hosted by Hank Setala the Sonic Shaman and Dr. Adriana Krywiak of Integrated Health Management.


The New HHH offerings

Emergence of Being is a hybrid holistic center embracing collaboration over competition. 

Contributors are more than just healers or practitioners. A requirement of being part of the contributor’s network is that they make content that can inspire people to start and continue their journey to wholeness, offer at least 1 virtual service and offer virtual events.

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In Continued Partnership with Melissa Wiles, owner of Goddess Elite we created Transcendent Minds LLC. This company offers live and pre-recorded classes on a variety of topics.

Transcendent Minds is home to the 9 month Art of Spiritual Healing apprenticeship program developed by don Zane Curfman the author of Inka Mountain Magic.

Additional upcoming courses in development include a Spirit Guide Communication Series, Belly Dancing workshops, Multiple pieces of training and different types of divination, spiritual healing, and much more. 

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Live Stream Content

Through the Emergence of Being contributor network, we offer several live shows that are also uploaded to the podcast network. Shows include:

  • Holistic Health and Healing with dr. K and Hank
  • Stir Crazy Shamans with Hank and Casey
  • Shamans Way with Casey MacBride
  • The Sonic Shaman with Hank Setala
  • Goddess Elite

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Tools for your Healing Journey

The HHH website has been established since 2008. It specializes in Tuning Forks as well as Aromatherapy. 

All the products are made in the United States by Medivibe and Natural Options Aromatherapy. 

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Goddess Elite expanded its offering to the online community. There are thousands of products available to you no matter where you live in the world. The store empowers people to explore their own spirituality and caters to people from all walks of life. Click here to explore all the possibilities