Dr. Michael Izquierdo

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You never have what you think you got.

What hurts, usually doesn’t.

What does that mean?

In an attempt to keep you continually strong, your nervous system continually covers up minor injuries and imbalances by activating muscles, organs and glands from other stronger areas in order to help weaker areas.

The body compensates in this way for a long time before it finally tires and makes you aware of pain.  This compensation happens in layers.

Find out how your nervous system layers and hides.  

More importantly

Find out what you can do to help your nervous system and body naturally move past your self-imposed health barriers.  

Often what stops a person from deep and sustained healing is their body’s own layered defense system.

Find out how you can set in motion your own deep and sustained healing.

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Specially trained in an innovative approach to functional neurology, Dr. Michael Izquierdo has developed a new and unique way to determine the root cause for many patient illnesses.

Our nervous systems #1 prime directive is “Survival Any Means Necessary.” Today, many patients visit doctors for relief from painful symptoms that will not go away by itself. Unfortunately, most of these symptoms are only the tip iceberg. They represent the final imbalance for which the nervous system could no longer compensate.  To our nervous systems, pain equates to vulnerability. Pain incapacitates and renders a person defenseless against attack.  Thus, they are susceptible to death. For this reason, the nervous systems always makes every effort to cover up pain, till it no longer can.

Thus, the true cause for most pain and body dysfunctions usually lies 3 to 5 layers deep.  

Today doctors, chiropractors, and other healers expend tremendous effort providing relief for only the surface symptom. Often great frustration arises when one situation is resolved, only to be replaced by different and new pain.

Dr. Izquierdo has uncovered the common patterns of compensation and sequential layering the body moves through before finally manifesting the superficial painful complaint.

For the sake of survival, the nervous system compensates for, and hides many metabolic and physical imbalances from our conscious minds.

Dr. Izquierdo has discovered how to uncover and balance buried physical dysfunctions in reverse order, allowing your body the best opportunity to reharmonize and truly heal.