Cindy Yoakum

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Cindy Yoakum

Cindy Yoakum, as seen on Fox 8 news,

After receiving a repetitive calling from the Divine to change paths from an established practice as a CPA to a medical intuitive and healer, Cindy Yoakum found her life forever changed.  Within weeks of following the calling and incorporating a healing modality, she began to see with the utmost accuracy inside of human bodies as if an MRI or X-RAY machine.   Concurrently, she learned she was an empath, feeling both the emotional and physical sensations coursing through her client’s bodies.  Perplexed by such sudden and precise information, she sought out a teacher to help her manage the gifts.

After becoming certified in her field, Cindy then transformed further through an arduous initiation lasting nearly a decade.  After traversing years of turmoil, Cindy endured the death and re-birth process transforming her into an ultrasensitive empath and high vibration healer.

Cindy Yoakum is the founder of LightWorks Medical Intuition and Healing in Lakewood, Ohio.  She uses her abilities to intuit illness, injury, disease, trauma, and abuse in a body whether human or animal.  As a conduit of the Divine Light, Light pours from Divinity, into her Being, and finally into her client resulting in wonders if it is the Divine’s Will.  Cindy also consults for businesses as she provides fresh insight.  She teaches workshops, classes, and lectures on many topics. Cindy is also a regular on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland and WKYC Channel 3.  Her blog is called The Lotus LightWorker.


Contact Information:

LightWorks Medical Intuition and Healing
16903 Fischer Road, #4
Lakewood, OH  44107
Phone: 440-655-3418

Below, is just one of her appearances on TV.