Dr. Michael Izquierdo, DC, DACBN

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Dr. Michael Izquierdo, DC, DACBN

Dr. Michael Izquierdo
Holistic Physician/Chiropractor, Board Certified In Clinical Nutrition
Dr. Mike is thoroughly trained to distill the root cause of each patient’s condition via specialized approaches of Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) to treat and customize a unique plan of action for each individual patient, instead of using a one-size-fits-all protocol for all. The goal is to help person’s body to regain his/her personal biochemical and electromagnetic balance which frees the body to become strong and act in its own best interest, thus truly healing and rebuilding.
Dr. Mike received premedical instruction from UCLA, and gained practical and vital clinical experience as a Naval Hospital Corpsman. He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2004 and has been in continuous practice since that time. In 2013, Dr. Izquierdo achieved Diplomate status through the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, DACBN. This achievement, along with the practice of AK, and RBTI, allows him to practice clinical nutrition its highest possible level.
Lecture Title
How Correct Nutrition Opens Spiritual Channels
Lecture Description


The word as well as its meaning is diverse and generalized. Millions of people, for over thousands of years, have pursued and utilized countless techniques and disciplines in an attempt to achieve the highest echelons of spiritual attainments.
Today, most spiritual endeavors employ a top-down approach. This means that more emphasis is placed on employing spiritual practices to attain spiritual achievements. Physical modalities such as Yoga and Polarity utilize the body as a mode to achieving various healings and enlightments with regards to spiritual goals. Through this path, the human body attains a very balanced and healthy state. However, this approach is top-down, where spirituality is the goal, and bodily health is fortunate bi-product.
Dr. Michael Izquierdo has discovered a bottom-up approach to spirituality. This is a mode and method of focusing on the physical human body first, making sure that the body is nutritionally balanced, electromagnetically charged, and fully grounded. The closer the individual gets to achieving these new higher levels of this body balance, the easier the attainment of spiritual achievements become.
Since everything in the universe consists of different manifestations of unique energetic patterns; would it not make greater sense to do everything in your power to balance, ground, and fully energize your body? Too many people have their heads in the clouds, while their feet stand on shaky foundations.
Just imagine what you could accomplish with the manifestation of your spiritual prayers and intentions. That is, if your intentions were backed, stabilized and augmented by a firm, balanced and highly electro-chemically charged human body.

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