Drake Bear Stephen

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Drake Bear Stephen

Drake Bear Stephen’s experience includes a 37 year career in telecommunications, a B.A. in art and psychology, and certification in hypnotherapy and shamanic energy medicine. He specializes in past life therapy and gender/sexuality studies. He currently lives east of San Francisco, California. Find out more about him on his webiste.

Lecture Title
A Psychopomp Guided Journey to the Afterlife

Lecture Description
Join Drake as he describes the functions of a psychopomp. Then be guided on a journey through the death and dying process, to the Afterlife, and then the return to Earth. The concepts of time, multiple dimensions, and brain wave states are discussed to demonstrate how they support the reincarnation process.

Additional topics included are: ways to tap into past life memories, how past life regression through hypnotherapy works, and the difference between a past life session and a between lives session. Questions are encouraged as you learn about the fascinating life between lives. A reference handout and a chance to win a free copy of Drake’s book Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender and Sexuality will be available.

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