Felicia Weinstein

Empowering Your Dream


Felicia Weinstein

Felicia is a psychic intuitive, empath, healer, and master teacher. She utilizes her gifts and training this lifetime to assist and empower her clients to maneuver gracefully along their life path. She is honored to provide past life readings and pass along messages from her clients’ Spirit Guides and Angel’s assisting her clients with clarity, peace, and direction. Felicia is an advanced Master energy healer. She utilizes Reiki, vibrational techniques, and Spiritual Response Therapy.



How to Raise Your Psychic Umbrella

Lecture Description
Have you ever been totally exhausted and drained after being around another person or crowd? have you ever been in a place where the energy just seemed to get sucked out of you? Do you sometimes find yourself taking on other people’s emotions or problems as if they were your own? Do you find yourself avoiding situations because you don’t know how to handle all that extra energy that isn’t yours? Then you need to raise your psychic umbrella! Learn some informative exercises on how to protect your energy!

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