Joe Rothengass


As a gemstone energy practitioner, reader, even from an early age, Joe has gotten messages from stones. Over the years he’s tried other forms of divination and none of them suited him. Now he uses his own form of divination, which includes a random selection of different stones. Joe gets messages from them to answer your questions.

Joe uses crystals and gemstones, with the Higher Will, to assist you in healing the self and/or facilitating the healing of others while continuing on the path to enlightenment.

Lecture Title
Living with Crystals

Lecture Description
Joe will explain the energies of the crystals. This will include some tips on how to feel the energies and how to interpret what those feelings mean. He will also explain different crystals and how to identify them simply. You will learn the different looks of crystals and how the energies flow. We will also discuss how different shapes can affect the outcomes of energies.