Jonalea Henderson-Neider, BA, RN, BFRP


Jonalea Henderson-Neider, BA, RN, BFRP

Jonalea Henderson-Neider, BA, RN, BFRP has been on the International
Registry of Practitioners ot the Bach Flower System of Healing in Mount Vernon, England since 2003. She has introduced the Bach 38 Flower System (which is not aromatherapy) to groups and individuals tirelessly since 2001, as well as consulting with over 1,000 clients to support their desire to find health and wellness. Proficient also in several other alternative healing practices she advises, consults and presents throughout Northeast Ohio.

Lecture Title
Our Personality and Mood Affect Our Wellness

Lecture Description
Introduction to Dr. Edward Bach, English medical doctor, surgeon and homeopath and his philosophy and development of his 38 flower System of Healing. His philosophy of wellness has influenced medicine and psychology up to this day by his being a pioneer in “psycho-neuro-immunolgyz’. The use and effects of the flowers will also be addressed

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