Michelle Star


Michelle Star

With a proven track record over a span of 30 years, Michelle has received recognition as an expert in the field of Yoga and healing. Having led the Yoga therapy classes for the Cleveland Clinic’s scientific study entitled, “The Impact of Yoga on a Chronic Pain Population,” Michelle demonstrated how Yoga can be a therapeutic tool for a range of physical and emotional challenges. Michelle taught Clinic employees for over 5 years, including during the time she operated her own double Yoga studio in Middleburg Heights, OH. Much of Michelle‚Äôs career has been spent traveling as a Yoga and Reiki instructor, leading classes and workshops in 5 states since 1985. She is certified by Kripalu Yoga and Health Center and Integrative Yoga Therapy, among others and recently published a book on Yoga and healing.

As a long-time activist for health and optimum wellbeing, Michelle just launched her start with Ava Anderson Nontoxic, offering an alternative to the widespread products containing hidden harmful, toxic chemicals, even those labeled “organic” or “all-natural”. She offers information on this topic and the new U.S. company founded by a passionate 15-year-old. She helps to spread the word to help others learn and make wise choices.

Lecture Title
What’s in what you put on your skin?

Lecture Description
Many people choose to eat organic, nutritious foods, drink plant protein smoothies and healthy green drinks and think that what is labeled “all-natural” or “organic” on their personal care and home cleaning products is safe for their skin. This eye-opening talk explains what is REALLY happening. These chemicals are contributing to health challenges: known carcinogens and hormone disruptors, that hide in the products you buy, even at the Health Food Store. Here’s the BEST alternative yet, at reasonable prices: Ava Anderson Nontoxic.

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