Mike Berta


Mike Berta

Dr. Mike Berta is a psychic, medium, and paranormal investigator. Mike discovered his psychic-mediumship abilities after years investigating the paranormal and living his own spiritual experiences. Under the guidance of mentors and through reflective practice, he developed his natural ability to work with clients and connect to their energies, loved ones passed, guides, and angels. Mike provides psychic, mediumistic, and empathic readings for clients seeking intuitive and spiritual information, as well as, paranormal counseling for individuals, families, and businesses.

Lecture Title
The Role of Healing in Paranormal Investigations

Lecture Description
Too often television, movies, and the media morph our understanding of what the paranormal really is and how investigators manage their encounters. This creates a rush of inexperienced ghost hunters looking for a weekend experience without much forethought or afterthought. The role of healing in paranormal investigations is critical to not only protecting and cleansing everyone and everything involved. This session will explore incidents of inexperience and the need for paranormal investigators to embrace healing and light to bring peace to their clients and the hauntings.


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