Sharon Anne Klingler

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is an inspiring international speaker and author. Her new book, Power Words, released by Hay House, has been acclaimed by the Huffington Post as “my kind of book…as it gives us all extraordinary superpower tools to help uncover our highest selves.”  (B. Fonger, The Huffington Post)  Author Denise Linn says that it is “arguably the most profound, transformative book ever written on the influence that…language has on our lives.”

Sharon’s other titles include the bestselling, Secrets of Success with her sister, Sandra Taylor, and Intuition & Beyond (Random House, London).  She has also written Travel Into Your Past Lives; Drawing on Your Intuition; Life with Spirit; Divine Connections; and her acclaimed multi-media, home-study seminars, Speaking to Spirit (for intuitive development) and Advanced Spirit Communication (for professional mediumship training).

One of the world’s leading intuitives, Sharon has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network; Discovery; NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates; ITV London; BBC London; BBC Scotland; Vision TV Canada; and on major outlets in Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, England, and throughout the United States.  She has also been featured in The London Daily Express and in many newspapers and magazines around Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Sharon maintains a private practice in mediumship and other metaphysical disciplines with high profile clients from around the world.  She gives workshops in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Virginia, the Poconos, Annapolis, Florida, New York, The Isle of Man, London, Sydney, and New Zealand.  She lectures and presents workshops annually at The Lily Dale Assembly in New York, the largest and oldest Spiritualist Center and community in the world.


Power Up Your Life!

with Sharon Anne Klingler


The inner power that lives deep inside each and every one of us seems to be elusive at times – especially in the work-a-day world where we often need it most.  But there are methods that you can use to bring a lightning force to your whole life! This workshop includes:


  • Integration of personal power and soul power;
  • Promnesia: seeing what you are to become;
  • Power Words: using precise words for remarkable results;
  • Methods in elevating vibration, purpose, energy, and awareness;
  • Techniques to trigger power in every area of your life;
  • Lightning, fire, and other inner energy currents you can use every day.


So, come and discover the awesome formula that combines the many sources of power that you can use to create extraordinary energy and phenomenal outcomes in your life!

Click here to reserve your seats! Cost 25.00 in advance, or $30.00 at the door.*   Cost includes general admission.


 Messages from Beyond

Gallery Readings with Sharon Anne Klingler

Come and make the spirit connection!  Let your guides and loved ones in spirit bring you their insights through Sharon’s dynamic clairvoyance and guided imagery processes.  You will be amazed at how profoundly you can feel the presence of spirit as Sharon shares their messages for many audience members and teaches you how to connect with your spirit guides for yourself!

“I could feel spirit all around me!”  – Nancy E., New York City

“With Sharon’s techniques, I’m able to communicate with spirit,

which is something I never thought possible.”    – Mel B., London, England

Click here to reserve your seats! Cost 25.00 in advance, or $30.00 at the door.* Cost includes general admission