Zane Curfman

Zane Curfman

Don Zane Curfman

don Zane Curfman

Curfman is a healer, teacher and lecturer. He travels the country teaching the Andean spiritual and healing arts. Zane is the founder of the Salka Munay Ayllu, a community created for the preservation of folk medicine ways and earth honoring cerimonies, Father of the Katari Tradition of cross cultural shamanism, the Author of Inka Mountain Magic: A Natural Mystic’s Guide to Ascension, and several articles on Andean shamanism for Light Bridges and Fire Mass magazines, He served as Interim Dean of Shamanic Studies for the International Metaphysical University, winter and spring semesters 2009-2010.

Initially trained by Juan Nunez del Prado, Zane is an initiated Kurak Aqulleq or 4th level Altomisayoq (Shaman Priest), of the Q’ero Paqo Kuna tradition of Shamanism. Zane was invited to the Sacred Q’ero Nation and has studied with many Q’ero elders. He was made a part of the Q’ero nation of Kiko where his goddaughters family lives. He is also an initiated Altomisayoq in the Qori Lasso Paqo Kuna tradition. A family tradition of his good friend and spiritual brother don Alberto Fermamdez Santa Cruse. Don Alberto has trusted Zane to carry his family spiritual tradition into the western world for the enrichment of all.

Zane works as a bridge between cultures. He sees this as his part in the prophecy of the condor and the eagle.

Lecture Title

The Spiritual Misa

Sunday at 3 o’clock, please consider making a love donation.

A Misa or Mass is a ceremonial embodiment of the three virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity. It is a place where we learn and grow spiritually, where we establish our connection to the spirits and fouces of nature. People attend a Misa for many reasons to receive guidance in life, instructions in the use and development of spiritual gifts or spiritual healing . During a Misa a delicate web is woven between the seen and unseen world, between human, spirit and nature. Through this web we experience oneness, and becoming part of the flow of life giving energies.

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