Brandy Heflin

Brandy Heflin

heflin_thumbBrandy is the founder of Holistic Health Management, offering Health Coaching for Heart-Centered Habit Change. Following a lifetime of trial and error with diet and exercise programs to lose and maintain weight and finally finding mindfulness as a path toward health of mind, spirit, and body, she heard her calling in 2016 to become a health coach and undertook study with the Health Coach Institute. Along with her journey toward better health and wellness, her informal practice of mindfulness began organically in 2009–without her realizing what she was doing was called mindfulness–and led her to a formal mindfulness meditation practice and community in 2014. She brings to her coaching the compassion, curiosity, creativity, and humor gained through a decade of experience as a secondary science educator and two years working in open innovation with international corporate clients.


Lecture Title
Fast Culture, Slow Food: An Invitation to Discover the Secret of The 20-Minute Meal

Lecture Description

When it comes to managing your weight and your health, how you eat is just as important as what you eat, which may be a surprise to you. We’ve all been told repeatedly what to eat, how much to eat, and how to prepare it, but how many of us have ever talked about how to consume our food for optimal health?

The 20-Minute Meal is an easy, fun, and free strategy you can use to gain energy and lose weight that requires no willpower, motivation, or changes to what you eat. In this experiential workshop you will first learn the importance of extending the consumption of meals to at least 20 minutes and its benefits to your body, health, and wellness, then acquire several simple tools for achieving it, and finally be guided through your very first 20-Minute Meal experience. Participants are encouraged to bring a complete meal, not just a snack, in order to gain the greatest benefit from this session!

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