Edd Edwards

Edd Edwards


Workshop Opportunity

October 29th and 30th he will be teaching a two day workshop on how to use and develop his unique healing method yourself to use on family, friends and clients. Click here to sign up for his workshop. Sign up BEFORE the expo and get free general admission both days of the show. Simply show your receipt for the workshop at the admissions desk. Click here to register. 

Healings with Edd Edwards

Edd will be available throughout the expo for mini healings. He will also be available Tuesday-Friday at our Lakewood location for private one on one sessions. Healings at the expo are first come first serve.  For the weekday healings click here to reserve your time. All healings are for a love donation with a suggested amount of $40.00. Click here to reserve your time. 

To learn more about Edd Edwards visit his website.

About the presentor



Edd is the most studied individual by universities in the field of Energetic Manipulation of the Human Energy Fields. As a young boy, Edd played with energy between his hands and throughout his body. With a passion for science and physics, Edd searched for the scientific explanation of the energy he was experiencing. In 1994, he met the distinguished physicist, Dr. William Levengood of Grass Lake, Michigan. Dr. Levengood was able to measure and quantify Edd’s energy output in his laboratory. Along with his work withDr. Levengood, Edd took part in laboratory experiments with Dr. John Gedye and Charles Pyler. Through their measurement and assistance, he learned how to increase his energy output to turn the energy output off completely, to control the switch of the polarity of the energy from positive to negative, and to affect the lab equipment from a great distance (even thousands of miles). Edd and the scientists designed and carried out countless experiments with Edd’s measurable output of energy continually increasing with precision.

Rhine Bioenergy Lab – in early studies, Edd produced results indicating an ability to generate measurable energies at levels much higher than any other participants. While the average energetic output (measured in photons of ultraviolet light) is between 12-20 photons per second, some gifted participants produced 80 photons, 200 photons and sometimes even up to 1,200 photons per second while in periods of meditation or while practicing energetic wellness. These results are rare, and very statistically significant! Though they are impressive, these results do not compare with Edd’s laboratory sessions. Edd has been demonstrating over 1 million photons per second in the lab! In addition, it was clear in the studies that Edd was able to consciously control his energetic output.

University of Virginia Study – Edd is also being researched in the Division of Perceptual Studies with the University of Virginia under Dr. Ross Dunseath and Dr. Edward Kelly. This is an experience you don’t want to miss! The energy that Edd emits activates the brain and the wellness systems already present in a person. Once the activation begins, pain can instantly disappear and complete wellness can occur. Edd will attune to your energy by having you stand up and receive the energy he transmits. There is no hands-on work and there is no need for any specific attire. He will give simple instructions to follow based upon his perceptions. Edd’s sessions apply best to conditions related to pain, neuropathy, migraines, pain/stress associated with cancer and other conditions.

For more info, contact Edd at: www.eddedwards.com Email – EnergyEdd@eddedwards.com