Hank Setala

The Sonic ShamanThe Sonic Shaman

Hank Setala known today as The Sonic Shaman, has been a healer from birth, however he began his conscious spiritual journey in 2006 when he began his road to recovery from alcoholism. In his study of metaphysics he recognized that the 12 step program was in fact an approach to inner work, and developed his practice to focus on inner work and spiritual transformation.

Hank believes that the client brings the healing or reading with them, and that he is merely the observer of the miracle. He helps in creating a space for the client who is now ready to heal, transform and grow. He combines his training with a selection of products that aid greatly in healing. He uses essential oils from Natural Options Aromathearpy which are also used in the Cleveland Clinic which supports the oils authenticity. He combines the healing styles from Soma Energetics, and Biosonic Tuning forks, and have made the forks accessible for anyone to buy and use them. Now there are over 250 products available on the store site.

Metaphysical Training

Hank studied in Lily Dale at Fellowships of the Spirit having graduated from the School of Healing and Prophecy and was awarded certification as a metaphycian. He now serves on the board of directors as the board president. He continued his studies and is a Reiki Master, Certified Aromatherapist recognized by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, certified medical intuitive having studied under both Patti Conklin and Caroline Sutherland and has additional certificates and training in Crystal Healing, Astrology, NLP, EFT, Lomi Lomi, Soma Energetics, Biosonic Repatterning and Shamanic Healing.

He now practices what he calls “NLH” (no limit healing) recognizing that for any one person, there is no “one” healing method that is perfect for them, and the importance of being open to the divine during each interaction with a client.


Sonic Shaman Concert

The area will be set up with a Shamanic Mesa in the center and several sound stations featuring signing bowls, tuning forks, Hapi drums, chimes, Didgeridoos and so much more. The experience will start with a Peruvian Shamanic Ceremony calling in the energies of the earth, water, wind and sun. After the opening the sound concert will commence including some guided imagery and instruction on how to perform a simple but powerful energy technique that you can do any time.


This will be a mini concert that quickly takes participants into a state of deep relaxation and healing.

There will be chair where you can sit, or if you prefer take advantage of the soft soccer field and lay down to enhance the experience. You are also welcome to bring a yoga mat.

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