Kara Frair

Kara FrairKara Frair

Upon learning of a third cancer diagnosis, 17 year old Kara Frair knew that a decision had to be made: Bone marrow transplant or figure out why the heck she kept getting cancer. Soon after, she discovered a link between lifestyle and disease and chose to forgo treatment to explore that connection and use it to heal herself. It is now her mission to share her compelling story with everyone.

As a Make-A-Wish recipient, Kara’s speaking career began by sharing her story at their largest Central New York fundraising events.

Now with nearly 12 years elapsed, Kara’s presentations have evolved to educate audiences everywhere on the importance of optimizing personal wellness.

Inspired by her passion and success in helping others, Kara founded Wellness Babe, a company designed to create a community of women where wellness and sexiness go hand in hand.

She is also the writer of the short book series, “How Should I Eat” in which she interviewed several experts from around the world on their eating styles.

To find out more about Kara visit her website at http://wellnessbabe.com


Living On Planet Earth Causes Cancer

Sunday 3:00PM Room A

It seems like scientists are finding a new cause of cancer everyday. We’ve all known someone with this disease and it almost seems unavoidable. We’re all left wondering, “am I next?” How can we protect ourselves? Kara will show you the key to prevention.

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