Linda Street

Linda StreetLinda Street

Linda accesses the frequencies of the “Rays of Light” for the purpose of spiritual teaching, energy healing, intuitive guidance, and information. Linda is a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Channel, and Energy Coach. She has completed the Masters level in Kundalini Reiki, Usui Reiki, the advanced level of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and Level 1 in Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH), before beginning her work with accessing the “Rays of Light”. She teaches others how everyone can easily access the “Rays of Light” and can also learn and grow as she has.
Linda has successfully integrated her experience and background from working in the field of Mental Health and working within a large corporation in Human Resources with the teachings of the “Rays of Light” and the understanding energy and how it works. Linda practices choosing positive intentions to support healing that bring about results that just plain feel good, as she teaches others how they can do the same. Linda has authored and published a book titled “Rays of Light” – Listen to the Dark. She lectures and teaches about the “Rays of Light” and how these loving frequencies and energies can easily be accessed and used by everyone.

Linda offers “Rays of Light” Energy Healing Sessions and “Rays of Light” Energy Readings. The Energy Healing Sessions are a cleansing, healing, and balancing of the chakras (the energy centers) while offering channeled information and messages to assist with your awareness and spiritual growth. Old energies that do not feel good are swept away while new energies that feel wonderful and good are ushered in to fill this space. The Energy Readings offer channeled information to assist with your spiritual development and growth that will support the movement forward in “letting go” of old patterns and choices that do not feel good while  attracting and choosing new experiences that do feel good.


SUNDAY  3:00PM Room D

Growing From Your Heart

Lecture Description

Participate in a discussion on how to better understand your intuition and your guidance. It always comes down to listening to our heart.  Come learn how to recognize your gifts as you develop and support them. We all have them.