Mary Maynard

Mary Maynard

mary-maynardMary is an International medical intuitive, remote healing and hands on Lightworker. Degrees in nursing, medical intuitive skills and certifications in Craniosacral, Polarity, Lymphatic Drainage, Shamanic Reiki, NET and Chinese energetic bodywork provide strong skills for sorting out and meeting the needs for you and every member in your family. Resources in both Western and Eastern medicine create a realistic, affordable plan of care.  Identifying, healing and promoting health are everyone’s needs and my goal. Compassionate confidential counseling for difficult life choices accompanies every appointment. Remote session and classes available.

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Saturday: 12:00-12:50 Room C

Lecture Title

DNA – Your Power

Have you learned that “fighting” the cold, the cancer or any other symptom, creates another level of imbalance and more problems down the road? Do you recognize the consequences of “quick” symptomatic solutions?  Are you agreeing to participate as an aging consumer of “preventative” chemistry, surgery or activities?  Are you agreeing to be powerless when confronted with an authority that some symptom is untreatable?  Will you allow an authority to give you a deadline (literally) on your life?   Un-natural fear is out of alignment with the flow with our natural body systems. Rediscovering your natural body “alerts” brings us into alignment with the mirror of the universe that created our right forms.  This mirror tells us what we need to be, give, have and do to stay fit and well. Rather like our physical mirror tells us our hair is sticking up or we have outgrown last year’s sweater,we must take the time to look in the mirror,  accept what we see and call back our power. 

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