Vibrational Medicine

Saturday Lecture

Vibrational Medicine – Free

colorworks1Quantum Physics says that our world is made up of tiny particles which vibrate.  Does it not stand to reason that if that is so, then the way to ‘shift’ a dis-ease is by bringing in a different vibration?  Two vibrations that exist in this world, is color and tone.  By utilizing color, and developing her world famous ‘colorworks’ Patti was able to cure herself of both forms of Lupus.  Doctors had given Patti 5-8 years to live as her Lupus was ravaging her body, but Patti began her colorworks, and within a year was free of Lupus. Vibrational Medicine is the analytical process of ‘trusting’ your body to know which vibration it needs,in a very literal sense.

Discover the amazing power, yet simple methodology of this profound healing modality that continues to change the world!

Location: Main Speaker Hall

Time: Saturday from 3:00-4:00

Also be sure to check out Patti’s mini workshop on Sunday “Medical Intuition” and learn how to apply this knowledge of frequency and begin shifting disease vibration from 2:00-3:30. Click here to reserve your space in the workshop.

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