Rian Dean

Rian Dean

Rian Dean, Rune Master, Integrative Energy Therapy, Holistic Business Consultant

Rian Dean

I consciously began my Spiritual Path sometime around 1996 or 1997. I was initially attracted to Shamanism in its various forms and spent a few years learning all that I could and experiencing this new path I found myself on. During this time I also found and felt a great kinship with the Norse Runes, specifically that period known as the Elder Futhark. It is my desire that all I have learned and experienced will allow others to find a piece of their Truth. I now provide Intuitive readings using the Norse Runes as a divination tool to facilitate access to those aspects of a person’s Spiritual Path that are of primary importance at the time of the reading. The Runes are Ancient Knowledge Providing Wisdom Now.
During the last two years I have embraced the Energy Healing Modality called Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). IET opened a universe of experience I never imagined was available to me. I now use the techniques of IET and Intuitive Healing to assist others to identify and embrace their Souls Path. I also work with Empathic individuals to help them understand their gift and fully utilize their Empathic abilities to fully enrich their lives and the lives of everyone they touch. It is critically important to open ourselves fully to the World we have created to allow healing for everyone. The time for Empaths to hide from the pain of the World has come to an end. We cannot heal what we are afraid to feel.  Find out more at www.DestinyRunes.com


Energy Work, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and the Global Awakening Who are we choosing to Be and what does that mean?

Lecture Description

During a time of radical change we are being called to our Souls Work. How are We to do this? What can We do? We are being brought forward to heal as many as are willing to leave behind a paradigm of fear and embrace a World where Love is honored above all else.

The Awakening, The Shift, The Event, and so many more terms and titles have been created to describe energetic events now transpiring around the World. Energy Healing is experiencing and expansion that is unprecedented in our history. We call ourselves Healers, Energy Workers, Light Workers and Medical Intuitives. This is truly a time of awakening for many who will prepare the way for multitudes to awaken.

The healing modalities we use are not new. They have existed for thousands of years and are part of every culture on Earth. In this presentation we will discuss Energy Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and the role of Energy Workers and Healers in the Global Awakening. It is time to come together in Love and heal the World.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

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