Stone Creed Grove

Stone Creed Grove

datauri-fileStone Creed Grove, A.D.F. is a local branch of Ar nDraiocht Fein (Irish for ‘Our Own Druidry’). For over twenty-five years we have provided public Pagan worship, fellowship, and teaching to the Greater Cleveland Pagan community. With an experienced group of ceremonial leaders we offer meaningful, powerful rites that can bring the Gods and Spirits closer to our souls. We keep the Eight High Days that are universal in modern Paganism, and meet for other worship regularly throughout the year. Our rites are also occasions for community festivity, with dozens of Pagans of many traditions gathering to share our sacred fire, make music and dance, and share in pot-luck feasting and fellowship.

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Blessing Rite

Lecture Description
Our Blessing Rite is a ritual which we perform twice a month. We perform it the the first Friday of the month on the East Side of Cleveland, and the second Friday of the month on the West Side at Goddess Elite. Utilizing our Druidic Core Order of Ritual (a distinct ritual order, which differs from other forms of Pagan ritual practice) we call upon those who we refer to as the Three Kindreds- the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Deities- to join us in our ritual as we give offerings the the Three Kindreds, raise energy and bless candles, incense, or other special items for specific intentions such as healing.