2017 Vendors

Join us for the 2017 Holistic Health and Healing Expo and experience an amazing mix of vendors offering everything from Aromatherapy to Zen Meditation. We have something for everyone and in addition to well over 100 amazing vendors, we have dozens of presentations on both days offering information on a variety of topics.

Participate in our healing passport by visiting certain vendors and get an entry for a chance to win a 100.00 Visa gift card!

Healing Holistic Journeys

Healing Holistic Journeys

Sue Ball Sue is a Certified Emotion Code and Certified Body Code Practitioner, Reiki Master, Practical Reiki Master and Instructor and Certified Crystal Healer. Sue is also an Essential Oils Wellness Advocate and instructor in the use of essential...
Purium Health Products

Purium Health Products

Health LIving with Dr. Carroll Dr. Caroll is dedicated to bringing awareness to general health and well being to all people. Her company offers over 80 SuperFood items that are all non-gmo, organic and free of artificial flavors or colors. Best...
Cindy Summer

Cindy Summer

Cindy Summers, as seen on Fox 8 news, After receiving a repetitive calling from the Divine to change paths from an established practice as a CPA to a medical intuitive and healer, Cindy Yoakum found her life forever changed.  Within weeks of following ...
Westwinds Massage Therapy

Westwinds Massage Therapy

Westwinds Massage Therapy has been a therapeutic anchor of Amherst, Ohio in excess of 14 years.  A visit to the center not only therapeutic but also relaxing.  They offer massage treatments that are customized exclusively for you and your individual needs....

Beyond the Earth Healing

Energy and Healing for Spirit Energy and spiritual healing for all aspects of you. Offering in person and remote work for your physical, mental, emotional and ethereal well being and more. Rev. Kayla Rae is a powerful Lightworker who brings her...
Natural Image Care

Natural Image Care

Natural Image Care Visit us at booth 309 and experience the BEST available products for your body. You deserve the BEST why settle for less? Vision The vision of our company goes beyond providing the best product available. It is also to help...
Turn a New Leaf Wellness

Turn a New Leaf Wellness

A way to wellness Turn a New Leaf Wellness is a pillar in the holistic community. We serve as your one stop shop for the most popular holistic health products including: Young Living Essential Oils, Supplements, Herbal Teas (Tisanes) as well as several...
The Healers Way

The Healers Way

It's All About Love The spiritual cleansing process used by industry recognized healer Terri Long is all about lovingly removing any negative energies that do not align with your true self. These types of energies can manifest in many ways and no two...
Holistic Horizons

Holistic Horizons

Holistic Horizons at Fiddlehead Grove Retreat and Healing Center offers the ultimate in natural healing! Set at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Central New York, the Center’s gardens and ponds alone provide tranquility for individuals, c...
Nutt so Ruff

Nutt so Ruff

World's Best Scrub Bars! Irena Domaradzki, founder of Nutt So Ruff was born in Cleveland, OH to the parents of European immigrants.  She learned from a young age to work hard but always to help people in whatever way she could.  In an attempt t...
Booth NumberCompany NameWebsiteBooth Description
0301Follrod Sales LLCChttp://www.follrodsales.comTrue Frequency Grounding Jewelry
0302-303Momma's Rockshttp://www.mommasrocks.comRocks, Gems, Crystals, Metaphysical, Jewelry, Himalayan Salt
0304Simply Magical Jewelryhttp://wwwsimplymagicaljewelry.comReiki Blessed Crystal Jewelry and Spiritual Gifts
0305Infinite Creations by J:D LLChttp://www.infinitecreations.netLook into yourself through the Ethereal Art of J:D Aricchi. What your spirit look like?
0306A1 Aura Photo & Chakrashttp://www.A1Aura.comA1 Aura Photo, Chakras and Iridology
0307Readings by Elizabethhttp://www.none.comPsychic, Medium, Tarot
0308Maple House Arts http://www.maplehousearts.comStones and crystals, beaded & wire wrapped jewelry, pendulums, sprays, and wands
0309Natural Image Care, LLCHttp://www.naturalimagecare.comleft blank on your original app please email it to me.
0310Meraki Moodhttp://www.merakimood.comHemp Oil CBD Tinctures & Salves, Sacred Geometry Diffusers & Jewelry, Herbal Vitality Supplements, Healing Sprays and Roll Ons made with doTERRA pure oils, Crystals.
0311Chakras Root to Crownhttp://www.chakrasroottocrown.comChakra Items, Hand Crafted Goods, Reader, Books, & Meditation Chair
0312ATUNhttp://www.atun.meProviding next generation Homeoapathy care using the latest technology to accurately identify acute ailments for our patients.
0401 Holistic Halo Salt Spahttp://www.HHSaltSpa.comBax-3000 Allergy Harmonization machine and Indigo Biofeedback. Halo Salt Therapy
0402Share International - Midwesthttp://www.share-international.us/mw/Informational booth about the Emergence of the World Teacher - Maitreya
0403Healing From Your Hearthttp://healingfromyourheart.com/Content.aspx?Tab=Home“Rays of Light”

The “Rays of Light’” come directly from the Divine, or Source, and can be accessed by everyone to assist in energy healing and cleansing the body, receiving information from another realm, and in spiritual enlightenment. Linda is offering “Rays of Light” Energy Healing Sessions, “Rays of Light” Energy Readings, and teachings in the “Rays of Light” books available for sale.
0404Nutt So Ruffhttps://www.nuttsoruff.com/World's Best Scrub Bars
0405Jill's Wings of Lighthttp://www.JillsWingsOfLight.comHealing Music - combing ancient wisdom and modern science
0406P.A.P.E. Creative Education Serviceshttp://www.papecreativeeducationservices.comNEW- INNER CHROMOTOLOGY------CHAKRAS COLORS and INNER SOUNDS
0407Kannawayhttps://kannaway.com/?4888052ZIJA Moringa - Helping People get Healthy one at a time
0408Nefertem Naturalshttps://nefertemnaturals.comHealthy Fats for Healthy Skin - Tallow Skincare
0409Light Love Reiki http://www.LightLoveReiki.comThe Light Love Reiki of pure Divine essence and Diverse Retail
410Sarah Stabler https://unleashyourhappinessnow.com/Happiness Transformation Coach
0411Art by Nadinehttp://www.none.comArt by Nadine
0501Cosmic Creationshttps://cosmiccreations.world/COSMIC CREATIONS CRYSTAL GRIDS & PYRAMIDS
0502DoTerra Essential Oilshttp://www.mydoterra.com/joyharbaughDoTerra Essential Oils
0503Purium Health Productshttp://www.mypuriumcorp.com/sarahcarrollOn-line SuperFoods store with over 80 products: Non-GMO, Organic lines for Athletes, Children, Family Nutrition, Skin Care, Health, Wellness, as well as the world's first Anti-GMO product. Purium's commitment to pure and premium means that all of our products are free of binders, fillers, artificial flavorings and colors.
0504Engaging the Spirithttp://www.engagingthespirit.comEngaging the Spirit has fairy oracle prints, fairy fizzies, fairy gardens, and wild women spindles! We will also be doing art readings and reiki!
0505The Emerald Box Turtlehttp://www.theemeraldboxturtle.comTarot Card Readings
0506Healing Holistic Journeys, LLChttp://www.healingholisticjourneys.comThe Emotion Code / The Body Code - Removing trapped emotions and energies that keep us from a happy, healthy and abundant life.
0507Dr. Jane Semplehttp://www.drjanesemple.mynsp.comDr. Jane Semple completed a dual-doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Ministry in 1999. She has been an herbal practitioner since 1987. Her books include Alzheimer Disease, Blood Pressure, Breast Cancer, Cholesterol & Inflammation, Fertility, HPV & Cervical Dysplasia, Healthy Skin, Influenza and Parkinson Disease.
0508Angel Inspirationshttp://www.angel-inspirations.comAngel Inspired jewelry , cards, and gifts. 1 minute angel readings.
0509Namaste Life Enrichment Centerhttp://www.namastelifecenter.comNamaste Life Enrichment Center offers hand made, quality products for the mind, body and soul. Check out our hand made smudge sprays, crystal sets, bath products, ritual oils, . We also offer Spirit Guide Drawings, Tarot, and Crystal Readings.
0510-511Blue Feather Productionshttp://www.douglasbluefeather.comOriginal Native American flute CDs, Native American style flutes and crafts
0601McClure Acupuncturehttp://www.McClureAcupuncture.comAcupuncture
0602tenpenny integrative medical centerhttp://tenpennyimc.com/Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, formerly OsteoMed II, is a multi-disciplinary health center located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.  We deliver personalized, holistic medical care and partner with each person to help them achieve optimal health. We are proud that many of our patients have traveled from 38 states and 9 foreign countries to get well.
0603BEMER Grouphttp://www.jcabic.bemergroup.comDiscover yourself in just 8 minutes how this European technology improves well-being in a non-invasive and natural way. Free demonstrations.
0604Doctor Mystical's Paranormal Carnivalhttp://www.doctormystical.comDoctor Mystical's Paranormal Carnival provides oracle dice readings, psychic readings, tarot readings, metaphysical goods, and fun wearables.
0605Beyond Earth Healinghttp://www.beyondearthhealing.com/Rev. Kayla Rae & Drew Ravenscroft offer Energy/ Spiritual Healing, Mentoring, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Clearings, Paranormal Investigations and much more.
0606Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMThttp://Revlizmadsencnhprmt.vpweb.comRev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT - Animal Communicator/Psychic/Medium and Tracie Redden Frick - Spirit Communicator
0607Plexus Worldwidehttp://shopmyplexus.com/pattyalberinoPlexus is a most natural plant base product that focuses on gut health and getting the blood sugar balanced , cholesterol and lipids and blood pressure. We also deal with severe discomfort issues!!! Can't wait to meet you and share info on this amazing products.
0608Rev Elizabeth Howellhttp://www.elizabethhowell.compsychic , medium, astrology
0609Modere Collagen Scienceshttp://aliveagain.shiftingretail.comModere Collagen Sciences
0610NRGNU Balanced Wellnesshttp://www.none.comMonica Greczanik offers Energy and Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks & Crystals and Reflexology services. Also available are assorted attuned crystals as well as energy enhancing tools and gifts.
0611It's Your Journey, LLChttp://www.itsyourjourney.comMetaphysical/New Age Supplies including Himalayan Salt Lamps, Tumbled Stones, Sage, Candles, CD's, Witches Balls and much more!
0701John Michael Thorntonhttp://johnmichaelthornton.comJohn Michael Thornton is a psychic and medical intuitive with over twenty years experience honing his natural abilities. Trained at the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics to connect directly with Spirit, he channels guidance on health, spirituality, relationships, and life paths. A vibrant teacher, he has taught at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Victory of Light, Lily Dale Assembly, and spiritual groups across the Northeast.
0702Clear Spirit Reikiihttp://www.clearspirit.orgExperience the soothing and therapeutic benefits of Clear Spirit Reiki.
Clear Spirit Reiki is a combination of traditional Reiki, Pranic Healing and Shamanic energy work.
Services include:
Reiki for Relaxation
Chakra Alignment
Aura Cleansing
Access Bars Sessions
0703Irina Grundler / Path To Awakeninghttp://www.pathtoawakening.net/Vibrational Retuning, Akashic Records
0704Grace&Heart Jewelryhttp://www.mygraceandheart.com/trician.925 Sterling Silver, solid brass, natural stones and handcrafted heirloom quality jewelry! A truly unique/versatile line of jewerly that with be yours for years to come! Create your fun look and even "tell your story"!
0705PaTinahttp://www.none.comHandmade beading, woodworking, jewelry boxes and more!
0706Shaklee / Rain Barrels N' MOREhttp://www.rainbarrelsNmore.com Shaklee - CBD Oil - Rain Barrels N' MORE
0707Julie TothMedium
0708positively reikihttp://www.none.comits reiki dude
0709Gregory Nicholas Psychic/Mediumhttp://www.none.comGregory Nicholas - Psychic/ Medium - Sea Shells, Domino's. and Palmistry
0710Don Schulktarot
0711Hypnosis - Time for Changehttp://www.none.comHypnosis - Time for Change
0801-802Midway Metaphysical and Morehttp://www.midwaymetaphysical.comTools for your Spiritual Journey
0803White Barn Healing Artshttp://www.whitebarnhealingarts.com A non-profit organization helping people overcome trauma, stress, anxieties, grief, unforgiveness and fears by teaching wellness, peace and healing for body, mind and spirit through holistic and spiritual practices including meditation, Vision Quest, Reiki, energy healing, crystal work, Tai Chi/Qigong, and more.
0804the souls journeyhttp://www.thesoulsjourney.orgKathy Baker is a Spiritual Medium and Channel, of your Soul and Spirit. In a unique process, she helps you to reconnect in your Sacred Heart with your Angels and Departed Loved Ones. This connection will help lead , guide, and direct you to healing your heart aches as well as moving you forward to create what your heart desires. Every reading includes a heart healing.
0804Laura Gentnerhttp://www.LgInAmazement.comAs a Spiritual Intuitive & Medium, Laura’s goal is to assist and empower you to be your bright, sparkly self and live life to the fullest! She uses her clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance along with the help of Spirit (God, master teachers, angels and guides) to help you see from a higher perspective. Laura offers Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearing Sessions to help you shift and heal on all levels.
0805Angelgift Centerhttp://caroleborkoski.comAngel Medium Healing Readings
0806Sharon Klinglerhttp://www.starbringerassociates.com/World famous evidential medium
807Brandy Heflin Coachinghttp://www.none.comHealth Coaching and Reiki
0808Empathic Healingshttp://www.empathichealings.comOffering Empathic Empowerment Training® and Rune Life Path® readings
0809Caramy - LuLaRoe Amy Peterson & Carrie Clarkhttp://www.none.comRetailer for Simply Comfortable Clothes to include Dresses, Shirts, Skirts, & Leggings
0810The Gong Experiencehttps://www.facebook.com/thegongexperience/Our Mission is to facilitate changes in consciousness thru sound to improves one's life.
0811Sonic Alchemy https://www.facebook.com/sonicsoundalchemy/Sonic Alchemy is a coalesence of healing energies and frequencies create through sound, vibrations, and intention. We create a healing space for individuals and groups to experience the raw power of sound. This is done via sound meditation events, live sound healing with yoga classes, personal and private group sessions, and outdoor meditation and yoga events.
0901Institute of Holistic Medicinehttp://www.instituteofholisticmedicine.com Institute of Holistic Medicine
0902ThunderGoldhttp://www.none.comHandmade totebags and purses using Pendleton wool, Ultrasuede and pewter buttons; prints, mugs, art books, journals, coasters, art cards, etc. by artist Jody Bergsma; purses, totebags and soaks by artist Laurel Burch; mugs by native American artists Bill and Traci Rabbit; jewelry; leather goods; and collectibles.
903Tiffany Lengyelhttp://www.tiffanylengyel.comTiffany Lengyel is a highly attuned lightworker working as an Angelic Reiki Energy Healer, an Angel Intuitive, and a Spiritual Guide.

She works distantly or out of her home office in Wooster, Ohio with the Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and Galactic Healers to provide total transformation for her clients to heal the mind, body, and soul.

She offers:
-Angelic Reiki
-Angelic Reiki for Past Life Healings
-Intuitive Counseling
-Oracle Card Readings
-Energetic Space Clearings
-Chakra Balancing
-Cord Cutting & Vow Releasment
-Blessing Balls of White Light
0904-905Universal Windows Directhttp://www.universalwindosdirect.comHome Imprrovements
906Harmonic Journeyshttp://www.harmonicjourneys.netWe will have info table handing out flyers or free gifts to people. Also telling them about out company Harmonic Journeys.
907Rishis Institute of Metaphysicshttp://www.rishisinstituteofmetaphysics.com/Our school of Light, presently holding only evening classes, teaches about the
Spiritual Laws of mind, emotions, and body that will elevate your consciousness
and bring you to freedom and Mastery of the Seven Departments of your life.
This enables you to achieve the Higher Consciousness and the resultant Higher
Life of peace, success, happiness, and abundance of all good.
0908Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom http://www.ohioamf.orgOhio Advocates for Medical Freedom is a non-partisan group advocating for your right to choose or refuse any medical treatment or procedure. OAMF is comprised of ordinary people who have come together with one goal in mind. That goal is the preservation of freedom, more specifically medical freedom.

OAMF is a diverse group of people with professions including doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, and other healthcare providers. We all share the same concern and have learned that the only way to stop medical mandates and the infringement on medical rights is to organize and push back against bad legislation and policies. We base our strategies in fact and truth and present that information to the public and legislators. It is important that factual information is presented, so the opposition (the side willing to sacrifice freedom for personal gain) cannot dispute what we present.
0909Spiritual Psychic Polly Birkhimerhttp://www.psychicpolly.byregion.netI have been reading for over 45 years. I relay messages from loved ones and animals passed. I tell of love, money, job, and health situations. I tell of Spirit guides and give names of angels and Guides and tells you how they help you through life. I have worked on 3 missing person cases and one murder case.
0910Transitions Healing Center (formerly known as Empowering Your Dream)http://www.transitionshealingcenter.com/Integrated Solutions for Personal Growth and Well-being! Rob the Rock Guy has a wide collection of crystal rocks, fossils and jewelry from which to choose. Felicia of Transitions Healing Center offers a variety of techniques for assisting and guiding through life's changes including crystal healing, Reiki, psychic readings and aromatherapy.
0911Rob the Rock GuyCrystals
1001-1002Natural Options Aromatherapyhttp://www.naturaloptions.usWe offer essential oils, bath salts, roll ons, shower gels, blends, diffusers, ionic detox machines and sessions.
1003Holistic Horizonshttp://www.rnholistic.comHolistic Health Assessments and Reflexology provided by a holistic nurse.
Channeled Healing from Pleiades by "The Cosmic Concierge." Michael and Cathleen combine talents to convey individualized messages and healing from the astral realm.
Customized pendulum bracelets, labyrinth bandanas, and self-authored cookbook for sale.
1004Cindy Summer/Jim Flynnhttp://www.lightworksheal.comMedium/Psychic/Medical Intuitive/Healer
1005-1010Energies Withinhttp://www.energieswithin.netEnergies Within--Reflexology & Energy Work with Chrystyna Prochaska
1005-1010Holistic Family Health Practicehttp://www.maryamaynard.com/Centered Wellness Affiliation of transformative practitioners, products and services to live the healthy, holistic life in all aspects.
1005-1010The Indigo Connection LLChttp://createandconnectbrilliantly.comWill be part of Centered Wellness group
1005-1010Arbonne Internationalhttp://jilljosselson.arbonne.comVegan certified, pure safe and beneficial products for the entire family. Healthy living inside and out!
1011Charmed Crystals & Herbshttp://www.charmedcrystals.usCHARMED selections of crystals, pendulums, jewelry, herbs and much more for your journey through the world of energy and magic.
1101Westwinds Massage Therapyhttp://westwindsmassage.comRelax Rejuvenate and Restore with a chair massage at the Westwinds Massage Therapy booth. Talk to our therapists and get samples, coupons and deals on booking appointments.
1102The Healer's Wayhttps://www.spiritcleansing.comThe Healer's Way provides products and services to meet your healing and energy clearing needs. Services include amethyst Bio-mat sessions. Products include space clearing spray, meditation CDs, shower gels, bar soaps, bath salts, Jericho flowers, quince seeds, etc.
1103Rev. Mary Haeberle Evidential Medium/Soul Sistershttp://www.none.comSOUL SISTERS Rev. Mary Haeberle & Rev. Connie Field We are evidential mediums, meaning, we give you proof that we are speaking to your friends and loved ones. We do this by, identifying who we are communicating with and several other facts. These facts can consist of, their personality, looks, shared memmories or how they passed. After you are assured that we are communicating with two or more of your loved ones, we give you the message or messages from them. We are both ordained ministers with many years of mediumship training and practice and also trained in several different healing techniques.
1104Ers Inchttp://www.therapyonliberty.comErs Inc
1105For The Love of Animalshttp://www.theloveofanimals.comAnimal Communicator, author of "A Tail of Hope's Faith" holistic products for pets
1106YOUNG LIVING - Turn A New Leafhttp://www.none.comLive Above the Wellness Line - come to our booth to explore Young Living Essential Oils
1107Crystal Child Collectivehttp://www.crystalchildcollective.comCrystal Child Collective is a unique and sacred space. We are a non traditional wellness center that supports holistic health practitioners and artists in a collaborative environment. We offer accessible and affordable holistic services, and sell locally sourced and handmade goods.
1108Azrael's Grottohttp://www.crystalchildcollective.comCrystal Child Collective is a unique and sacred space. We are a non traditional wellness center that supports holistic health practitioners and artists in a collaborative environment. We offer accessible and affordable holistic services, and sell locally sourced and handmade goods.
1109Azrael's GrottoHand crafted florida water, vesta powder, anointing oil, angelic home defense jars, healing amulets and more.
1110Avalon Trading Companyhttp://www.avalontradingcompany.com/We offer sterling silver jewelry hand crafted by artisans from all over the world. Our product lines feature the largest collection of precious and semi precious stones anywhere, including John of God Casa Crystals. We personaly hand select each and every piece so that we can bring you only the very best in Metaphysical and Holistic jewlery. Many of our artists even produce unique lines exclusive to us.
1111Cosmic Healing Discshttp://www.cosmichealingdiscs.com/When You are working with a Disc you are sending out a signal, that you are open to communicate with your Angelic Guides. These Discs are lenses into another Realm of Consciousness. In Contacting these Higher realms of Frequency You are directly in touch with 5th Dimensional Consciousness; a place of Love, the Keepers of the 5th Dimension are the Pleiadians. While in 5D You experience an Opening of the Heart, the 5th Chakra. It is the PINK Place where in this ascension process, Our Hearts have Anchored.
1201Healing and Change with Hypnosishttp://www.none.comHealing and Change with Hypnosis
1202Divine Healinghttp://www.none.comDivine Healing/Reiki Essential Oil Products
1203Wakaya Perfectionhttp://www.ImagineWakaya.comWakaya Perfection offers organic, pure and proprietary products that help you get well, stay well, and be well, inside and out. From our exclusive collection of 100% Organic Pink Fijian Ginger, Tumeric, and Sea Salt, to our pure Calcium Bentonite Clay and Perfected Oils sourced from the best locations in the world, Wakaya Perfection offers the world’s purest and most pristine all-natural preventative healing products.
1204E2 The Energy Exchangehttp://mamadivina.meMagickal stones, crystals, curios, potions, aura Cleansing and Readings.
1205The Relieveryhttp://www.therelievery.comThe Relievery provides holistic health products that can be used by customers in the comfort of their own homes. Our company is built on the principal that all people should have access to simple, self-lead wellness practices like Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Using any one of The Relievery's products and/or packages is an easy way to enter the world of holistic wellness, or to continue the practice of your favorite modality at home.
Purchase a pair of our Reflexology Socks for Pregnancy/Postpartum or our Infant Reflexology Socks and get a free two minute educational reflexology session in our booth, showing you and/or your partner how to continue using the socks to provide relief at home.
1206NYR Organichttp://www.organicmeredith.comNatural & Organic Beauty Company. Skin care, body & hair care, aromatherapy, etc.
1207Heavenly Homemade Dessertshttp://www.none.comDesserts for all Diets
1208Petals From a Black rosehttps://www.facebook.com/petalsfromablackrose/High Quality Homemade Soaps and Body Products
1209Impäkt Organic Skincarehttp://www.impaktorganic.comHandmade organic therapeutic skincare for those fighting illnesses & the healthy alike.
1210Nivi Henna Artisthttps://www.facebook.com/NivihennaEuphoria/Henna Art on Body Candles and Home Decor
Marila - Reading from the Akashic Recordshttps://www.facebook.com/Marila-1999269960298921/Marila Reading from the Akashic Records Selling Marila's Magical Bath Salts
Queenie Bees Manuka Honey Soaphttp://www.none.comHand crafted Manuka Honey Soaps
C101Edd Edwardshttps://www.eddedwards.com/Bio intrinsic Energy Healer
C102Holistic Health and Healingwww.holistichealthandhealingOffering solutions for Body Mind & Soul. HHH puts on workshops and events year round as well as private sessions for a variety of services.
C103The Sonic Shamanwww.thesonicshaman.comPeruvian Shamanism combined with sound healing
FM1Gifts in Jarshttp://www.none.comHomemade Preserve and canned vegetables
FM2Elk Creek Honey Farm, LLChttp://www.elkcreekhoney.comRaw, local honey; pollen, propolis, beeswax candles, and other products from the hive.
FM3Red Lotus Foods LLChttp://www.redlotusvegan.com"Deliciously Addictive" cashew spreads and toppings.
IT102be well by aimeehttp://bewellbyaimee.comget well. be well. live well. live simply. certified health coach, nutritionist, certified yoga teacher, fitness trainer, college faculty of psychology and sociology. we are a whole person- all aspects of our health (physical, mental, spiritual) must be addressed in order to truly be well.
SBLaura Gentnerhttp://www.LgInAmazement.comAs a Spiritual Intuitive & Medium, Laura’s goal is to assist and empower you to be your bright, sparkly self and live life to the fullest! She uses her clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance along with the help of Spirit (God, master teachers, angels and guides) to help you see from a higher perspective. Laura offers Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearing Sessions to help you shift and heal on all levels.
Sponsor BoothGoddess Elitehttp://www.goddesselite.comNew age