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Irena Domaradzki

Irena Domaradzki, founder of Nutt So Ruff was born in Cleveland, OH to the parents of European immigrants.  She learned from a young age to work hard but always to help people in whatever way she could.  In an attempt to cure her ongoing skin care problems, she perfected an exfoliation technique that has gone on to help countless others.  She began giving her beauty bars out to others in need and seeing the impact that it made began production of what many people call the World’s Best Scrub Bars!

Irena had years of troubled skin and frustration of trying other products that simply irritated her skin.  Determined to find a solution, she began experimenting until she found the perfect mix.  She began usage on her own skin with amazing results.  She was determined to use natural based products as much as possible believing nature would be the road to beauty.  Her theory proved right after she started the grueling process of obtaining a U.S. Patent and was finally awarded one two years later.   As satisfied users began to grow in number, she realized it was time that all women could uncover their beautiful skin.  This is what brought her to develop and manufacture the first Nutt So Ruff scrub bar.

Irena feels very rewarded knowing that so many people will not have to endure and suffer as she had for years.  As the company grows into national distribution, she always felt it was important that each bar still be hand-made and crafted right in her home state of Ohio.  Today, each Nutt So Ruff scrub bar the company makes is hand-crafted and still carefully ground, weighed and poured.  As more and more users discover this simple and effective way to look beautiful at an affordable price, the future looks bright for skin care and Nutt So Ruff.  She still devotes a lot of her time educating the public on the benefits of exfoliation as well as how often one should exfoliate based on your skin type.

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