Dawn Lynn ~ Every Day Intuition for a Happier Life

You are intuitive. Everyone is! Explore your intuition with Dawn Lynn as she provides you with tools to enhance your awareness of your interconnectedness and methods to use that connection to manifest your life’s purpose and desires.

Presentation Time: Sunday 2:00-2:50 Lecture Room A

Full Lecture Description

Using Every Day Intuition to Create a Happier Life

You are intuitive. Everyone is! Are you using that intuition? Are you working with the universe to obtain your desires and achieve your life purpose? If not, you are making your life harder than it needs to be. Come to this lecture and let Dawn Lynn provide you with simple tools to enhance your awareness of the signs the universe is already providing you every day and show you how to use those signs to achieve peace and happiness.

About the Presenter

Fourth generation medium, speaker and author of One, Dawn Lynn has 10+ years experience as a professional medium and teacher. Meeting with thousands of individuals, Dawn Lynn knows that everyone is intuitive and she is passionate about normalizing mediumship. To achieve this goal, internationally acclaimed Dawn Lynn has provided inspirational lectures to individuals and groups around the world, is a vlogger creating content for her YouTube channel @revdawnlynn, is a blogger using her platform www.lifeofamedium.com, and an author of the highly received booked, One. Visit Dawn Lynn at her booth to chat, get a reading, or pick up her first book full of examples that demonstrate the universe is providing the signs if you just observe your environment and simple techniques as to how to recognize the signs.

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