Energy Medicine for the Sensitive Soul ~ Stacy Newman

Are those energies you feel coming from someone else? Learn simple energy practices to help maintain the integrity of your aura, to protect you and keep you grounded. Taught by Stacy Newman, Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Full Lecture Description

Energy Medicine for the Sensitive Soul: Tools for Thriving in an Overwhelming World

Saturday lecture room C 12:00-12:50

About the Presenter

Stacy Newman has been called “Too Sensitive” her entire life. Now she embraces this description and uses her intuitive abilities to help her clients overcome bio-energetic issues and transform their lives. Her training includes Donna Eden’s two-year certification program as well as classes in Oriental Medicine, Brain Health, Shock and Irregular Energies, and Ellen Meredith’s compendium of Energy Wisdom classes. Stacy has personally experienced life-changing shifts and is passionate about bringing hope and healing to others.