James Beard (Noodin) and Christpher Reynolds ~ The New Heavens and the New Earth

The New Heavens and the New Earth: Songs, Stories & Prophecies

Sunday 12:00pm-1:30pm

Noodin is a story teller of native american tales and keeper of sacred knowledge. He travels holding teaching circles, sweat lodges and other programs to help spread the sacred stories of the native traditions of our land. Join him for a on of kind experience and glimpse into the native teachings.

As a Story Teller he offer insight to cultural values and personal ethics to aid people in finding ways to improve their lives. The intent of his work is to encourage awareness of cultural enrichment and protection of the environment.

Christopher Reynolds offers healing through music and creativity and complements Noodin’s story telling.

Sunday 12:00-1:30 Main Speaker Hall

Full Lecture description.

You are invited to join with James B Beard aka Noodin as he speaks on topics such as traditional living and natural spirit teachings. His topics address many concerns to do with wellness and balance in life. He is a student of native teachings from Ojibwe Elders, Algonquin language based people, living throughout the Great Lakes Region of the US and Canada. The audiences for his presentations vary from youth to elderly.

About the presenter

In many ways who we have come to know as Noodin was cultivated by the Grand Monadnock Mountain. For 9 years he served as a park ranger, interpreter and story teller and maintained an area of the park specifically for the purpose of holding ceremonial fires, medicine healing lodges and a place for native and cultural gatherings.

He has served as a doorway for those who feel a calling to this unique path and show a genuine interest in it to find the teachers of the tradition.

He has written 2 books which continue to be a source and inspiration to those who run across them.

Find out more about Noodin on his website:


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