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In these sessions, Kedarji, owner of Soma Essential Healing with 30 years experience in whole life transformation & lifestyle medicine will share the 4 pillars of Total Well-Being and how you can immediately apply these to reverse and cure Diabesity.

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Are You Overweight and Lacking Energy and The Bounce of Vitality?

Stay Off The Medical Treadmill!

Learn the daily rituals of the spiritually powerful, happiest and healthiest people on the planet! Inspired Living Through Total Well-Being!

Start your Transformation to Total Well-Being Today! Join Kedarji for a 2-part presentation, Cure Diabesity With Our 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being! Times TBD

  • Learn the one cause of 95% of all chronic health issues, illness and disease.
  • Find Out About The 3 Pieces of Equipment That Will Save Your Life.
  • Hear Testimonials From People Who Have Reversed Their Diabesity In Less Than 90

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If You Don’t Fix The Cell, You’ll Never Get Well.

Increased Energy, Vibrant Health and Total Well-Being Now!

By Kedarji

I was born with sinusitis, food allergies and severe seasonal allergies to practically every flower and weed known to humankind. Everywhere I went I carried several handkerchiefs and a big box of paper tissues. I avoided going outside, especially in the spring and summer months. I was put on all kinds of over-the-counter meds, along with allergy shots that I received weekly for 7 months out of the year.

Severe Illness

At age 16 I developed pneumonia in my left lung. Despite heavy medications (with huge side-effects), the pneumonia persisted for almost a year, prompting doctors to recommend that my lung be removed. Thank God my mother refused the surgery. At 18 months, the pneumonia finally left my body, but the difficulty and pain breathing lasted for another 8 months. Then there were the side effects of ineffective medications that lasted a lot longer.

Mom To The Rescue

At this point, my mother began insisting that I stop having tea with my white, processed sugar, cereal with my sugar, milk with my sugar, veggies with my sugar, toast with my sugar — stop eating sugar, sugar, sugar! She gave me a book, Sugar Blues by Bill Dufty and Gloria Swanson, and said, “Read it and wake up.”  So, I did and that was the start of my long journey to recovery from the harmful drugs I was taking as processed foods.

I met the founders of the Macrobiotic movement, George Oshawa and Michio Kushi, in the early seventies when they began their work in New York City. I began my study of Oriental Medicine and Iridology under Michio Kushi and Aveline Kushi a short while later. I lived in their home in Brookline, MA for two years while engaged in their direct mentoring, before continuing my studies in public courses and certification programs. At this point, I also adopted the Macrobiotic lifestyle medicine that included the first evidence-based, plant-based whole foods approach to be introduced in the U.S. (Prior to this, I was on SAD (standard American diet), consuming large amounts of animal foods, dairy and processed foods).

I was also trained in Acupuncture and Acupressure. At that time the practice of these was illegal in New York state and my mentor, George Oshawa, spent a good deal of time in and out of NYC jails, until the widespread benefits of his work could no longer be ignored.

Later, I mentored under some of the other early pioneers of the Whole Life and Holistic Nutrition movement here in the U.S., including Dr. Bernard Jensen, Wataru Ohashi, Michael Abehsera, Masaaki Yamaguchi, Anne Marie Colbin and Victor Kulvinskas. I was certified in several healing modalities, as well, and began a practice as a holistic practitioner and healer in NYC, with very successful results, including two clients who were permanently healed of Cancer.

Severe Illness, Again

But all this knowledge and experience did not prevent me from becoming ill again. Even as I was healing clients, I gravitated away from a wonderful lifestyle medicine for vibrant health of the physical body, and dove back into SAD, primarily because I had never completely stopped eating recreationally – and I was still eating for taste, rather than for energy. But there was another obstacle, as well. Lack of discipline in embracing this lifestyle medicine completely.

My mental state was never good growing up, and I had always been a slave to my emotions. My mind was still very restless, even though I had been practicing Zen Meditation for years, and I lacked emotional resilience. This was a formula for disaster where adopting useful lifestyle changes and behavior were concerned. I found my old useless habits very hard to break, even as I, (hypocritically) counseled others to do so. At this rate, in my late 40s, I developed Diabesity. I was morbidly obese at 110 pounds over my ideal weight for my height. I developed Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, along with other, associated illnesses. My health had become so poor that I decided I could no longer continue my healing practice because I was no longer an example of what I taught. And one must lead by example. So, I shut it down.

The Missing Piece To My Puzzle

Years later, I had graduated music conservatory and jumped into a series of intimate relationships that ended badly and devastated me. I was studying religious philosophy with V. Saly, PhD. He had spent extensive time in the company of great spiritual masters in India. He told me that I lacked spiritual power and needed a Master, a spiritual mentor to lead me to becoming established in the incredible Joy and Inner Peace that is found beyond the mind and beyond the senses. He was right and this was the turning point of my life!

I then spent more than 18 years under the leadership and loving care of spiritual adepts in the lineage of the great sage, Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. The approach and methods of this spiritual lineage transformed me, permanently. But I had no idea at the time of how relevant that spiritual and holistic transformation would be, so many years later in my life. Nor did I understand that, one day, I would make complete use of everything I had been taught on my journey to the Highest!

Total Well-Being

I did, finally, heal myself permanently by attaining a state of Total Well-Being beyond anything I had ever imagined! What I can tell you from my own experience and the case studies and surveys of the work I have offered over the last 30 years, is that Total Well-Being begins with an evolving inner state of Joy, Peace and Love without distinctions, that then manifests as vibrant health of the physical body, as well.

Your inner state is your fate. With an inner state imbued with Grace, Joy and Love our awareness, which is inherently spiritual, begins to expand and expand. It is this awareness that leads us to methods for living and loving out of the Joy of our own true nature. And it is this awareness that, spontaneously, gives rise to the direction we need to take to heal ourselves and adopt a lifestyle medicine for vibrant health.

I have integrated this awareness into what I call the 4 pillars of Total Well-Being, namely: 1. Spiritual Power 2. An Improved Mental State 3. Emotional Resilience 4. Vibrant Health of The Physical Body.

Each of these 4 pillars has a direct impact on the epigenetic expression of cells, the way in which the cells/genes in your body talk to each other to either trigger disease or trigger healing and wellness. This is why these 4 pillars are so important and I will define each, briefly, here.

Spiritual Power

My spiritual master used to tell us that, one day, modern science would prove the ancient, long-taught wisdom of the saints and sages of true Yoga (the transformation of human consciousness into Divine Consciousness) – particularly with respect to the spiritual philosophy and spiritual practices they taught.

Your inner state is your fate. Spiritual power is the power of The Self, now being increasingly referred to as The Energy Field by doctors, cell biologists, quantum physicists and science researchers. There is a highest power of Divine Consciousness that also takes the form of the witness to your mind. This witness or observer is the gateway to your understanding and experiencing your highest Self. I teach a very powerful form of Meditation called Witness Consciousness Centering (WCC) that has been proved, in case studies, to quiet and silence the restless mind, in less than 3 minutes. WCC is only the beginning of the methods taught in our school for accessing this highest, spiritual power on a permanent basis.

With respect to vibrant health at the cellular level, the evidence-based research is indisputable. The right meditation and chanting methods do change the epigenetic expression of our cells to trigger healing and vibrant health. For example, stretches of DNA called telomeres prevent loss of protein-encoding when cells divide and grow. This is an important part of stem cell growth that is necessary for maintaining and increasing wellness, as well as healing. However, with frequent cell division and replication (copying of healthy cells with their DNA intact), there is clipping that cuts into the gene’s protein code, thereby rendering cell division dysfunctional and harmful over an extended period of time (as in the aging process.) (Lipton 2016).

However, cell biologists have discovered an enzyme called telomerase that extends the length of these telomeres, meaning that cell productivity and the life of stem cells is increased and extended – a veritable fountain of youth, as it were! In control groups of people who meditate regularly, vs. people who don’t, meditation preserved the length of the telomeres (and lengthened them) through increased production of telomerase while, in the group of non-meditators, their telomeres became shorter, reducing the production and life of stem cells. (Carlson, et al, 2015 – Canadian breast cancer studies) – just one example of many.

You Mental State

How many times have you attempted to change a useless habit, only to fall back into its clutches, months or years later? How many times have you managed to cure yourself of a sickness or illness, or get on to a better diet to lose weight or to regain your health, only to migrate back to a reversal of the cure, months or years later? If you’re like I was, this is due to a poor mental state, ravished by a busy, restless mind in which you harbor useless understandings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs that keep you contracted and imprisoned by habits born of useless mental conditioning.

A poor mental state manifests out of a lack of spiritual power. It leads to the desire to hear good news about our bad habits. A poor or weak mental state also gives way to our mistaking satisfaction for happiness. This can only be cured by way of changing the understandings we reach for, coupled with a practice of going beyond the mind and beyond the senses. Otherwise, long-term vibrant health and total well-being are unattainable.

Emotional Resilience

Are you enjoying your emotions or are your emotions enjoying you!? I have found that most people are somewhat (or to a great degree) slaves to their emotions. If you’re anything like I was, you may experience that you feel great about an undertaking in your life that you feel gives your life purpose, or you feel great about a new direction that you’ve decided to take or a persistent bad habit that you have finally broken – until your emotions are triggered in such a way that you can’t see the forest for the trees! There goes your enthusiasm and here comes the ice cream, alcohol, excessive shopping, Facebook trolling and binge TV/Movie watching, in an attempt to drown out the emotional noise.

The only real cure for this malady is Emotional Resilience – of the kind where you are no longer a slave to your emotions and are able to express your Humanity freely, without any shift or change in your inner state of Joy, Peace and unconditional Love – An emotional resilience that manifests out of an improved mental state, which manifests out of spiritual power. This is entirely possible, as the students in our school can attest.

Vibrant Health of The Physical Body

If you go back and carefully read the first three pillars again, I think you will automatically understand how progress in the first three (or lack thereof) impacts your physical health. There has been so much evidence-based research and so many clinical trials presented in books, articles and research papers that I won’t elaborate on those here. We have plenty of lists of studies that we give out in our various programs.

Armed with the first three pillars, I was now ready to conquer my persistent illnesses, by addressing vibrant health at the cellular level – thus demonstrating the effectiveness of the 4 pillars of Total Well-Being that I now offer in our programs.

First, I have integrated a proprietary healing modality that practitioners are now being trained in. We are beta testing this modality now under the auspices of Soma Essential Healing, in collaboration with The Bhakta School. This healing modality, when properly applied through any number of delivery systems, causes a change in the epigenetic expression of cells that invokes healing.

In addition, as a research company as well, we have developed an extensive holistic nutrition program that we are now teaching, that is proved to fix the cell so that you can get well and stay well, for vibrant health of the physical body.

Armed with these 4 pillars of Total Well-Being I am certain that you will enjoy many years of wellness and true happiness that is never impacted by any change in your circumstances, nor by who comes and goes in your life. What’s there not to like about that!?

Kedarji is the founder and owner of Soma Essential Healing and the founder and President of The Bhakta School of Transformation, a not-for-profit public charity. He brings to our offering more than 30 years experience in whole life transformation, holistic wellness and total well-being.

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